Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another week in Okayama

We got to go down to the ocean on Tuesday with some members to watch
the sunrise for the new year. As I sat up on the Japanese mountains
overlooking the ocean on one side, and Tamano city on the other side,
I was kind of just in shock at the amazing earth that God created.
Sitting up there helped build my testimony stronger of our Heavenly
Father. This world is a beautiful place. While we were watching the
sunrise, The member that we went with kept me nice and busy. He
contacted 4 different people and invited them to hear the lessons. I
was so impressed!!

Yesterday we went with the Bishop to visit sister Yamakawa, the less
active lady who Korth choro and I housed into a couple months ago! It
was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been apart of. It was
also fun to work with Bishop Baba and hear his testimony of the
gospel. We were able to read Alma 32 and really talk about faith. It
was so amazing to see when she finally got it. She lit up, sat back in
her chair, and said "I got it! I got it!". - I love being a

In church yesterday, 2 scriptures were shared that really hit me hard.
They were D&C 19:16-19 and John 3:16. We are so blessed!! Every single
person on this earth has access to the atonement. And Christ did it so
willingly because he loves each and every single one of us. As I sat
in that lesson at church, I felt a part of the love that Christ has
for us. I want to share that love with everyone! The Ward members here
in Okayama are starting to get the vision, and I'm loving working with
all of them.

Anyways we are out of time!! I love you all and hope you are all doing well!

Until next week!
Elder Evans

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