Monday, August 14, 2017

Final Epistle

 Yesterday after sacrament meeting, 3 members ran up to me and told
me that they all served with my dad as missionaries in Okayama back in
the day. How cool is it that I came to an area for the last 3 weeks of
my mission with 3 members that served with my dad! I will always be
grateful that I got to serve here in Japan where my dad did with such
amazing people. I love Japan. It is my second home.

  I can't believe how fast this last week went by. It was unreal. We
did a lot of finding and were able to have one of those friends that
we met join us for church on Sunday. Lately we have been going to the
busy train stations or outside the malls with a sign that says "if you
answer 5 English questions we will give you a piece of candy" so that
we can advertise our English class and talk to more people. I've been
super surprised with how well it has been going. We have been able to
meet some great people, and a few of them have committed to take the
missionary lessons.

  As I sat in sacrament meeting I was just overcome with how grateful
I am for this mission experience. It's been the hardest, tiring,
funnest, longest, shortest, most rewarding, best 2 years for my life.
I don't even know how to describe how I feel. I'm grateful to all of
the people I have met, and for all that they have taught me.

  I've been really thinking about what exactly I have learned these
last 2 years. I know I have learned a lot, and I think because of that
I can't point out very many things that I learned. But I know that
even though I can't point everything out right now, I will continue to
learn and grow because of the things I experienced on my mission. My
mission was a success not because I learned everything I need to know,
but it showed me how much more I have to learn. Im still not the
person I want to be, but I have come a long way and am excited to
continue learning and growing.

Thank you all for your love and support through this adventure. I'm
excited to reconnect with you this week. See you soon!

Last one from Osaka!

Elder Evans

My homecoming will be held this Sunday. If you have any questions on
where or when, please contact my parents and they will get you the
details! I would love to see you all and give you a big jet lagged

District meeting

Ward members from Hirakata who served in Okayama at
the same time as my Dad.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

9 days

Hello there,
The typhoon has hit Japan, but it won't necessarily pass until 6 pm.  The core should be between 5 and 6. Right now it just feels like a big rain storm, so nothing major. I've had a lot of Typhoons during my mission, so I'm not too worried.  Normally ward members tell  us about stuff like this, but no one in this ward told us anything and it's supposed to be big I guess. But I'm sure all will be okay!

This week was good, I am so tired, nothing really special happened. We had a lot of appointments with people, so I can get to know everyone, and it was good.

I have to pack soon, and get my bags sent off to the airport on Friday. It will be a busy fast week, and I'm excited

Typhoon Update:
It's about 5:15 here and we have been getting hit with rain and wind
really hard for the last hour or so. Nothing too major but the office
said the core of our storm will be at 6. But up to this point the
storm is just a strong windy rain storm. Nothing to special! But it's
been fun!!