Thursday, November 5, 2015

JAPAN!!! I am finally here!

I am Finally HERE!
I am finally here!! Last night we got in to Tokyo around 3am (Utah time) and 7pm Japan time. We had missed our flight to Osaka, so delta sent us to a hotel for the night. This morning we got up early, and took a long bus ride to a different airport right outside of Tokyo. Tokyo is hugggeee!! I also saw Disneyland Tokyo which was cool. We were met at the airport by the AP's and they took us to the church where all of our other missionaries were. Everyone was so happy to see us, because they were all worried. We met our mission president and his wife and they are AMAZING!! We are so lucky to have them. Right now we are getting ipads, and Welch Kaicho is interviewing us. We have been doing "fast training" because we will be heading to our areas tomorrow but we wont know where we are going until tomorrow. Tonight we will got eat, and head to bed, and doing training until 2 and then be out in the field! 
Im super happy that we are finally here, safe and sound. I cant wait to talk to you and give you more details about everything on monday. During the flight, the sun went down half way through, and then didnt come back up. But you could see the lights from everywhere that we flew over.
Love you!! Hope You have a great couple of days!
Love, Alex

Elder Alex Evans

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