Monday, December 14, 2015

First Transfer

Hello Everyone!

Today was transfer announcements and I found out that I will be transferring already! Our transfer day is on Thursday, and I will be heading down to the Osaka North zone. My area is called Okamachi. Osaka is the 2nd biggest city in Japan, so it'll be fun to be in city. My first area (Nishiwaki) is country. So it'll be a big change, but I'm looking forward to it. But today, I have to pack so I don't have too much time to email. So this one might be a little short! 

Last Wednesday our zone had interviews with our mission president in Fukuchiyama, so we had to go up there. Our interviews are only 15 minutes long, so you have to be prepared with what you want to talk to him about. The question I asked was how to take a step of faith towards Christ. He gave me some really good insight on faith, and how I can strengthen my faith in the Savior and take a step towards him. The time with the mission president went by really fast, but it was good to sit down with him one on one! He is a really cool guy.

On Friday, we had a combined district meeting in Fukuchiyama again, so we went back up there. The whole zone was there so it was a lot of fun! On Saturday, we were supposed to go to Toyooka (the other side of our area, 3 hours away) but our members needed us at a ward music night that they planned that we didn't know about. So we stayed and had some fun, and some of the members preformed instruments and stuff! 

On Sunday, we got up early, and left with some members to Toyooka. We had a combined sacrament meeting up there, with our branch and the toyooka branch. After the meeting, everyone had brought a lot of food, so we had a big lunch, and then watched the Christmas devotional. It was a lot of fun!!

I'm excited for my adventure in Okamachi. It'll be different, but I'm super excited! I hope everyone has a good week!
Evans Choro

I forgot to mention this in my regular email but its funny so....
On Friday, I was on splits with my district leader,(olsen choro's
companion) in Fukuchiyama on Friday. We had just finished up for the
day, and it was raining pretty hard, so we headed back to the
apartment. Japanese people ride bikes fast, so i stood up on my bike
to catch up to him, and the chain slipped, and the bike came out from
under me, and i went face first into the ground. I was luckily wearing
a helmet, which really saved me, 'cuz i slid across the ground a bit
haha. I was riding olsen choro's bike too. But i jumped back up. We
put the chain back on and kept going. Luckily, the bike was okay, just
a few scratches, and the helmet was okay, just a few scratches haha.
And me.. I was okay, just some cuts on my leg and ankle haha. and a
little bruise on my knee. Luckily I was wearing a helmet haha!! So
fun! ;)

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