Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas from Japan!

Merry Christmas from Japan!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and that you all were safe
traveling to different Christmas parties! This week my companion and I
taught 20 lessons, and we weren't in the area for 2 days, so we are
going to see if we can do lots more this week! On Wednesday it was our
wards Christmas party, so we were at the church all day setting up,
and then after, taking it down. We had a lot of our investigators
there. And one of of investigators brought 2 of his friends! So we
talked to them and taught them about the church during the activity!
On Thursday we went to Kobe, which is about an hour away by train. In
Kobe we had a big Christmas activity with 2 other zones in our
mission. We played sports, and then watched this years mission video!
After that we had American tacos, because our mission president is a
stud! And then had like a fun talent show, which was a lot of fun.
That took all day, and then we went back to Okamachi.
On Christmas Day, we were pretty busy. We had district meeting and
then went out for sushi as a district. Then we did some mission work
and visited some people. Then for dinner, a couple in our ward Invited
my companion over to their house. We were able to teach a lesson to
them and it was a fun little night! But it definitely did not feel
like Christmas! Christmas is pretty much just another work day for the
Japanese people. But we still made it a fun day! On Friday we helped a
less active in our ward, build a flower bed in her backyard, and
shovel a bunch of dirt. It was fun to actually do some service here!
Then I got to call home to the fam which was awesome! On Sunday, all 6
of the missionaries in Okamachi went to a members house for dinner!
They cooked American tacos!!! That was so fun!
Today, we went to a big park and played a big game of tag with the
other ward and their missionaries and youth! It was so fun! Sorry that
this weeks email is short! Ill send lots of pictures! Love you all!!
Evans choro

Alex and his Christmas tree, and all of the presents

A beautiful day in Japan

Playing at the park

Elder Evans and Elder Barton

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