Sunday, January 31, 2016

3rd Transfer

Hello to everyone! Its a beautiful day in Japan!  This past week was
transfers and my freaking awesome trainer, Barton Choro got
transferred which really sucked! He became a zone leader in Kyoto with
one of the other elders from our apartment, Matsumoto Choro. They
became companions and on Thursday, they headed up to Shimogamo to be
some amazing leaders for this mission. My new companion is Techavimol
Choro, but we just call him Tech Choro, because its easier. He is an
8th transfer, from Seattle Washington. This is his first time in a
city area, so its been way different for him. He has served all of his
mission in the country side. This is also his first time being a
senior companion. Since I have been in the area longer, and I know the
people, and the area, I have been in charge of everything. I have
taken the role of senior companion. Which has been a really good
growing opportunity for me! Answering phone calls, making
appointments, contacting people on the street, and making sure all of
our lessons are planned and reported. Im not going to say it has been
easy on me,  but this transfer is definitely going to help me grow and
change quickly!

On Friday night, I got a call from a less active member who told me
and Barton Choro 3 or 4 weeks ago, that he didnt want to see us
anymore, and that the mormon church wasnt for him. We tried many
times, to see if we could talk to him, even just as friends, and not
talk about the gospel, because Barton Choro was transferring, but he
said sorry, he couldnt. But on friday, he called and I talked to him
on the phone for 30-45 minutes. He told me how he has really been
praying about the book of mormon and about the church, to see if it is
true. But he isnt getting an answer. I talked to him about acting,
because sometimes, it is easier for heavenly father to answer our
questions when we are doing what he asks of us. I asked him how he
could act and he said he could meet with the missionaries and asked if
we could meet the next day. So the next day we met with him and had a
great lesson and then he came to church the next day! So hopefully we
will help him recognize his answer to his prayers.

Last night all 10 of us missionaries from my area, and the area next
to us, ate dinner at the stake presidents house and had a very good
time. We talked about things we can do to change this areas dendo.
(Mission work) We are working hard to see a baptism every single week!
I know we can do it if we are obedient and work super hard!!

Anyways, we are going to Kyoto today, so my email is going to be
short. But I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for all your
love and support!
Evans Choro

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