Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello, from Japan!

(In Kyoto)

Hello, from Japan! I hope everyone had a good week this week! This
week for me was pretty good! We started out last Monday by going to
Kyoto for P-Day! Kyoto is the biggest tourist location in Japan
because of all of the history it has! We went sight seeing around
Kyoto and looked at all the amazing shops, and history that it has. It
was super fun, and there were so many people there! I'll make sure to
attach some pictures!

Oh random note. There was a guy that me and Matsumoto Choro contacted
3 weeks ago when we were on splits, and he was a golden investigator
and wanted us to teach him so badly, and the elders called him last
night and his daughter picked up and said that he passed away a couple
weeks ago. It kinda surprised me, but I'm glad he had that desire to
follow Christ.

The rest of the week wasn't very eventful! We taught a 22 lessons this
week, and advanced a lot of people towards baptism. Though, we weren't
able to meet with Yasuyo-San all week, and we don't know why.
Hopefully she is still having that desire to follow Jesus Christ and
get baptized in a couple weeks. She hasn't answered phone calls or
anything this week, But I'll keep you updated with what happens with

On Thursday, we met with a guy who told me and Barton Choro, a couple
weeks ago, that he wasn't interested in our church because he has his
own god, and he didn't want to worship 2 Gods. He texted and said he
had something really important to tell us, and to meet him at a train
station, a couple stops away. So we went to meet him, and he took us
to get food. We sat down and talked for a little bit, and then he said
"Okay I have something really important to tell you!" He told us the
SAME EXACT thing that he had told us a couple weeks ago! That he had a
different God, that he was sorry, but he couldn't worship our God, but
he wanted to still be our friend. I was super frustrated because I
thought he had had a change of mind, and we had already dropped him as
an investigator a couple weeks ago, so we hadn't talked to him for a
couple weeks. I was hoping he wanted to get baptized! But instead we
got the opposite, and he had already told us that he he had another
God and that he couldn't worship ours. Then he told me that sugar is
more poisonous than alcohol (but that's a different story haha!) he
may not be ready now, but I know we planted a seed in him, and with
time, he will desire to follow Jesus Christ!

A couple days ago, we rode our bikes down to Juso, which is really
close to Osaka city! There are tons of people there, so I started
talking to people. We talked to a bunch of people right there on the
street, and got a couple phone numbers out of it. Which I was way
excited about, because our Japanese is not very good. So to see that
we were able to do that, with bad Japanese made me really excited. I
know that when we just go for it, and trust in the lord, that he is
there to help us. We are servants of the lord, and we have been called
here to teach!! D&C 84:88-"And whoso recieveth you, there I will be
also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and
on your left, and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels
round about you, to bear you up." This scripture is my favorite
because it tells us that we have help from the other side. If you are
ever having a hard time, know that there are people with you on the
other side, lifting you up, and helping you out. We are never alone!

Anyway, that was my week this week. Thank you for reading, I hope it
wasn't too all over the place! Have a safe week!! Love and miss you
all! The lords work is amazing!!

Evans Choro

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