Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nara Part 1- Vui Choro.....Again?

Talofa lava Everyone!

  Well yet again another travel announcement has passed. I got transferred and am now in a wonderful place of culture, deer and foreigners called Nara. If you remember Nara from my email 6 weeks ago, it is where my last companion, Vui Choro transferred after leaving me in Matsue. Well, my friends, Vui Choro and I thought that 6 weeks apart was too much, so I followed him down to Nara and we are companions again. We must have some unfinished business to take care of. We've been told that it won't be for long, so we are going to make the best of it and work super hard this transfer. 

  It was really hard leaving Matsue, a place I grew to love so much through 3 transfers there. Saying goodbye to the members, and investigators was sad, but I know I'll be back to see them again. As well as leaving Smith Choro who I learned so much from this last transfer. He always finds the good in everything and was a great example to me. I am so grateful for the 6 weeks I had to work with him. Too bad he is a lakers fan... At least we know that we can always repent and change!

  Let me tell ya about Nara a little bit! It is on the complete other side of the mission! Needless to say, it was a long trip to get here. Nara was the first capital of Japan, wayyyy back. It has lots of tourist and cool buildings... and deer! So that's always a good time. It's a lot more "city" than my last area, but you can also get out to the country which is nice. The Nara Ward is about 65 active members, and I swear everyone speaks English. The first 5 people I met from the Ward were absolutely fluent in English, and then on Sunday there were many more. It should be a great opportunity to have them teach me some Japanese! 

  As far as investigators go, we are going to be finding a lot this transfer, because last transfer they had 2 baptisms so now we need to find new investigators! That's not a bad problem to have! We have a very strong investigator named Vipeak. (Pronounced Vih-Peer) He is Cambodian! He speaks no English, and very very little Japanese. So the way we communicate with him is through google translate! When we teach lessons, we skype in a sister named sister Vhuty who is in Cambodia right now and she translates the lessons for us. She got baptized a couple months ago in the area above us, and introduced the missionaries to Vipeak. Yesterday Vipeak passed his baptismal interview and is planning on getting baptized next Sunday at 9 am. So we are very excited for him and his willingness to change and follow Jesus Christ. Please keep him in your prayers this week please! 

     Well it's been a roller coaster of emotions this week. But I'm excited to embark on this new adventure here in Nara. I'm grateful for everything the Matsue members and investigators did for me. I learned so much from them and they have changed me. I love them all so much and was so lucky to be able to learn from them for 3 transfers. 

     Lastly, I just want to share a quick quote that was shared a couple weeks ago at district meeting that I have been thinking about. It is: "Two men look out from prison bars; one saw the mud, the other saw the stars" Just something to think about for the week! Love you all! Thanks for everything! Have a safe week!

Much love from the deer in Nara Japan!
Ebanzu Choro

Saying goodbye to Yuto-Kun and Yumi-chan in Matsue! They will get baptized in December!! 

Ishihara kyodai from Matsue made this paper crane thing for me. Japanese people are so kind!

Bye bye Bishop Yoshida family! And smith Choro! 

Dinner last night

This is how we do s'mores in Japan

Vipeak! And our skype lesson with Vuthy Shimai 

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