Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Start of 7th Transfer

           Some friends from Tottori

 The final week of my 6th transfer has come to an end and it was a
HOT one! 🔥 The humidity is something that I have never had in my
life, and this week was the first taste of Japanese humidity for me.
It felt like walking through an oven.

    This week was good, though it had its up and downs! One of the
good points of the week was finally meeting with Brother Ishihara
again after not being able to talk to him for a month or two. He has
some concerns about the priesthood and feels like he received the
priesthood too fast after he was baptized. He received baptism
September of 2015. We are working to help him understand that who the
Lord calls, he qualifies. Sadly, Ishihara kyodai doesn't want to meet
with any members yet, so the pressure has been on us missionaries to
help Ishihara kyodai since we are the only ones he will talk to. It's
made it a bit stressful on me, but I am grateful we have built a
relationship with him and that he will still talk to us.

    One of the funny experiences I had this week taught me and a
little kid a good lesson. While walking past the Eki (the train platform),
 we noticed one of our investigators was inside, so I decided I needed to talk to them
so I started to run to the door to get inside. At the same time, a 3
or 4 year old boy was opening the door to go outside by himself. Right
then he looked up to see a 6'2, white, read headed foreigner running
straight at him. I'm sure that was a scary sight for him so the kid
freaked out, screaming, running, and crying for his mom. I felt really
bad, but I learned a lesson that I need to be a little more careful
when out in public. And he learned a lesson to stay with his mom. I'm
sure I gave that poor kid nightmares for weeks. Heavenly Father sure
has a sense of humor sending a big red head to Japan!

    Last night was a fun one because while we were finding, we talked
to people from Japan, China, America (New York), and the Philippines!
It was so fun to meet people from all around the world and talk to
them about the great message we have. It really made me realize how we
are all Gods children! No matter our home, culture, language, or
backgrounds... We are all Gods children and he loves us all the same!
What a blessing it is to know my Heavenly Father, and to be able to
share that knowledge with all of Gods children. I am so lucky!

    Anyways, lastly I just want to share a quick quote that I heard
this week because quotes are my favorite. It says: "There is no one
you wouldn't love if you knew their story." Don't be so quick to
judge, because you never know what someone has been through, and what
kind of difference you can make for them by trying to understand.

Thank you all for all you do! Sorry this weeks email is a little all
over the place! Have a good week!

Evans Choro

  Okayama Zone - training meeting

Basketball - last p-day with Sou Kyodai

Beautiful sunset in Yonago while on the
bus coming home from Okayama

How lucky I am to serve in such a beautiful place!

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