Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello All!

This was a bit of a slow week here in Okayama due to sickness,
broken apartments, broken bikes, being out of the area, and lots of
cancelations. BUT! There were high points of the week, and we came
home completely exhausted last night, which always is the best.

  This week we had an appointment with one of our Chinese
investigators named Jay! He wanted us to teach him how to play
basketball. After we played basketball for a little while, we were
able to sit down and have a great lesson with him. We invited him to
be baptized to which he quickly agreed to. He is just worried that his
parents, who are in China, won't want him to. So during his phone call
with his parents on Tuesday, he is going to be asking them if it is
okay that he gets baptized. So please keep him and his parents in your
prayers this week as well!

  One thing that was great this week was that my friend, Kenedy who is
from Africa came to church again yesterday. He came to church last
week for the first time just because he wanted to, and he has such a
desire to learn about Christ and about God. He has been such a great
example to me because of how much he wants to put Christ and Heavenly
Father first. After church, we took the train to the other Okayama
church to show him where it was because it is closer to his house. But
while we were on the train, he said "I want to teach someone about
Jesus." To which I responded to "Okay let's go!" He, being a little
stunned followed me as I ran to a random 22 year old man on the train,
and started talking to him. It was fun to see Kenedy teach the gospel
with me and a good way for me to jump straight out of my comfort zone.
Kenedy is such a humble man, and I am so grateful I have the
opportunity to learn from him here in Japan.

  The highlight of the week was one of our investigators from the
philipenes named Jessica Unyesu! She lives with her 13 year old son.
She was found at the end of May, but was busy and wasn't able to meet
with missionaries after the first visit. The last few weeks we have
been able to set up appointments with her and she has also been able
to come to church 3 or 4 times! 2 weeks ago during a lesson with her,
we extended the commitment to be baptized and she said she wanted to
pray about it! So yesterday as we met with her again, we followed up
to see if she had received an answer to her prayers to which she said
yes and said she wanted to be baptized next week! The bishop wants to
wait until October 2nd for the baptism just so everything for the
service is planned out and ready to go. We are super excited for
jessica and her willingness to follow Jesus Christ. She had no problem
with the commandments and knew why we have been given them. She is
such a sweet lady, and I love being able to learn with her! Please
keep her in your prayers this week as she prepares for her baptism.

Overall, it was a harder week, but that's okay because there are
harder weeks here and there. But it is just giving us more motivation
for this next week! I absolutely love the Japanese people. I love
being able to serve a mission in Japan. I love being able to teach
people about Christ. I love being able to meet new people everyday. I
love getting out of my comfort zone, and doing scary things. I love
the Japanese language. I love sleeping on a mat on the floor. I love
not having proper air conditioning. I love tiny Japanese roads. I love
sweating all the liquids out of me everyday. I love working until I
can't stand any longer. And I love the gospel.

The work is moving forward rapidly here in Okayama! I am excited for
the rest of my time here, working with these amazing Ward members. -
Well, We are off to Kurashiki for P-Day with the other missionaries.
But I hope you all have a great week, and am grateful for everyone's
love and support. I love you all.

Ebanzu choro


Zone Conference in Okayama

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