Sunday, September 11, 2016

1 down, 1 to go

This is his hump day shirt, and he is at the office of his dads old Mission President.

Konnichiwa, from Okayama Japan!

  This has been such a successful week here, and we continue to see
miracles daily! This transfer, Korth Choro and I have decided to put
something to the test. Here in the mission it is called "Veins of
Gold". Pretty much what this is, is whenever you have an appointment
with an investigator, member, less active, potential investigator, or
ANYONE, you house and find around that area around the appointment for
a little while. Whether it be housing the apartment building that your
appointment lives in, or talking to people on the street right there,
you do all you can to talk to everyone in that area, and we did just
that this week! Through doing that we found 4 official, strong new
investigators as well as 4 more that have return appointments for this
coming week and next week. So really over all, we found 8 new people
to teach! Awesome!!!

  On Friday, I was able to do splits with Inaba Choro again! I served
in the same district as him when I was up in Matsue, so it was way fun
to work with him again. It was funny because as him and I were talking
about how it's important, even for Japanese Elders to write down
contact approaches, I said "if I was a missionary in America, I would
struggle to get my thoughts together to teach simply". Literally 5
minutes after I said that, we stopped 2 brothers on the street and
they were from the Phillipenes! I had to teach and talk to them in
English, which put what I had just said, to the test! It was a fun
little experience for me, and I was so proud of Inaba Choro, because
he even taught and testified in English! What a guy!!

  This week we also had Zone Conference! So we were able to hear
directly from President and Sister Welch, as well as hear from our
mission leaders. It was a great time to go back to the basics! Welch
Kaicho really focused on how we study, and how we can focus our
studies more on investigators and their needs! I love zone conferences
because the spirit is so strong and it always is good to see the other
missionaries and see how they are doing. I love being a missionary.

  On Sunday, about 30 seconds before Sunday school started, the
bishop asked me if I could teach Sunday school because they didn't
have a teacher. The bishop didn't have a topic, and just said to teach
about I wanted. One thing this taught me is that I need to always be
prepared to teach and testify. It was a good challenge for me to be
put on the spot, teachings the gospel. The cool thing is that I think
I learned more about the gospel through teaching it than the people in
the class did!

    I still have so much I want to do and learn on my mission, and now
it's hitting me on how little of time I have to do it. I am going to
work hard these last 12 months of my mission and leave it all out
here! I know that this church has the fullness of the restored gospel
of Jesus christ. I know that through his teachings, we can find the
most happiness in this life. Though other worldly things may look like
happiness in the moment, they will never give us the happiness we can
find by living the gospel of Jesus Christ daily.

Thank you all for your love and support. Good luck back in school!
Choose the right, and be safe!

Elder Evans

The back side of his shirt

          Zone Conference in Okayama

       Splits with Inaba Choro

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