Sunday, October 9, 2016

General Conference

Konnichiwa everyone!

  This past week was transfer week! Korth Choro and I expected to both
stay, but on Tuesday night we got a phone call, and Korth Choro
transferred to a little island in between Kobe and the big island of
Shikoku. So this past week was a lot of packing, saying goodbye, and
planning. My new companion is a 6th transfer stud from Colorado named
Deschamps Choro. His Japanese is great, and he is so excited to work.
We are way excited to work here together this next transfer!

  One night as Elder Deschamps and I were going to visit a lady, I got
a prompting to stop at a less active mans house on the way, who I had
visited twice before but he had sent us away. As we were walking up to
his door, I was trying to figure out what I was going to say to him. I
rang his door bell and he came and opened the door. I don't know what
happened at the beginning, but he started conveying his feelings
openly to us. He said he had stopped coming to church because the last
time he was there (a year or so before), a missionary said something
to him that hurt his feelings. He said he had nothing against the
church, he was just a little nervous to go back. He then asked us to
come in, and talk to him. I was humbled to sit in his one room
apartment and help this man know that the Lord needs him. I was amazed
at the humility of this man. He had forgiven that missionary before,
and just wanted to figure out how to become happy again. As we said a
prayer before we left his house, I could feel the spirit so strong. I
asked him if he still had a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said no,
but that he would absolutely love one. We were able to give him a Book
of Mormon and testify that it will bless his life. The next day
(Sunday) he came to general conference, all dressed up on his old,
warn out suit. Conference was exactly what he needed to hear, and he
plans to come back to church every week from now on.

  This week I felt a lot of opposition. The beginning of the week was
long, and I felt like I just wasn't a good enough missionary. Then, on
Saturday and Sunday we were able to watch general conference! It was a
nice little wake up call for me, because it told me exactly what I
needed to hear. Elder J. Devn Cornish's talk was addressed just for
me. He talked about how we need to stop comparing ourselves to others.
He said if we are going to compare, compare you from your past self!
Comparisons are a trick from Satan! It was nice to hear that talk,
because that's what I had been doing at the beginning of the week. He
said, we need to be really trying! And "really trying" means doing the
best we can, recognizing where we need to improve, and then TRYING
AGAIN! All God asks from us, is our best. - I also loved the talk by
Elder Kazuhiko yamashita! (Not JUST because he is Japanese) He talked
about being ambitious in Christ. Being motivated, focused, and
dedicated to the Lords work. It reminded me again that this work is
not about me.
I felt like there was a lot of talk about missionary work, and Japan
this past conference. And it has given me more motivation to get out
there everyday and work as hard as I can. I sure love Japan!

  I sure hope everyone was able to watch conference. I have really
come to love conference since coming on my mission. If you have not
watched it, go watch it! I hope all of you have a great week!

Evans Choro

Saying goodbye to Elder Korth

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