Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19 - 2 more months

Hey momma!

Thanks for your email this week. It's been a good one! I got transferred to this week and it sucked! I love my new area though, it's a great place. Shimogamo was a really city area. We had to take a subway to get to our apartment. But now I'm in an area that is really rural. But it has the strongest Ward in the whole mission. There are about 130 people that come every week and they love to do missionary work. Their Ward plan is to be able to split into 2 different wards in the next year and a half. Im really lucky to be able to serve here. I don't know how to do missionary work in the country though haha! It's been a lot harder to work here than in any other area that I have served in. But I'm excited.

So speaking of Eric buying things to go, what things do you want me to bring home? I have packed my boots and my nice winter coat to bring home (which are both is perfect condition so Eric can use both of them). I figured he could take my really nice bike lights that grandma gave me, because they are so so good. And I'm making a list of things that he needs to buy for his mission so we can remember everything. I figured that I would leave all of my old church clothes and my old regular clothes that I am never go to wear again. I'll bring all of my books and stuff as well. Is there anything specific you want me to have with me when I get home? 

By the way, i took the rest of the money out of my account so I could send a package home. And I did buy my birthday presents. I bought a Japanese sword and a Japanese scroll thing that's really cool. Then I used the rest of the money to ship a bunch of my book of Mormons, some souvenirs for friends and family when I get home, and some other books that I have collected on my mission. It was rarely heavy, so I sent it by boat because it is way cheaper and I don't need it home at a specific time. I'm sure it'll take some time to get there, but keep your eye out for it. 

This week we have to do a lot of traveling for stuff, and because I transferred, I don't have a lot of money. I am waiting for it to come in my reimbursements. But just in case I don't have that reienbursment in time, can you stick like 20-30 dollars in my account to spot me? I would really appreciate that. 

Anyways, I love you much!


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