Sunday, October 25, 2015



This past week has been a busy one for me! We have had to help all of
the kohai (new missionaries in our branch) get where they need to go
and answer all of their questions about the MTC. On Monday we received
Nihongen Senkyoshitachi (Japanese Missionaries) to our branch who will
be the fast track group. There are two Chorotachi (Elders) and seven
shimaitachi (sisters). One of the Elders got here at 7pm and the other
one got here about 1am Tuesday morning, which meant Anthony Choro and
I had to get up and help him get settled into his room. Needless to
say, we were VERY tired on Tuesday. But we are super excited to have
them here!! They will be heading to Japan with my group! Anthony Choro
and I have been in charge of taking care of and showing around the
Nihongen. We are with them all day everyday. It is a lot of fun, but
also really hard because we really don't know how to speak Japanese.
The Japanese that they taught us in the MTC is not the same language
that the Nihongen speak haha!
On Sunday in our devotional we heard from Chad Lewis, a former BYU
football player who played in the NFL for the Eagles. He gave the best
talk that I have heard yet in the MTC. He talked about Charity and how
to be great missionaries. Taysom Hill (BYU's Quarterback) was also at
that devotional, and Chad Lewis invited him up to say his testimony.
He has such a powerful testimony. He told us to love our mission, love
the people, and learn all that we can in the short 2 years we have
been set apart to serve the lord everyday. It was my favorite
devotional yet. I wish I could explain more about it. But I don't have
my notes with me! On Tuesday we received IPads. The iPads we have will
not be the ones that we will have in Japan, we just use these ones for
the MTC. They are super nice to have and really enhance our
effectiveness as missionaries. There are so many tools that are going
to help us reach out to our investigators.
Yesterday we were able to have a deep dive about the BOM with our
branch president. It was cool to see his insights into the truths
about it. I challenge you all to read the Book of Mormon. And when you
read it, pray about it with faith that you will relieve an answer. And
the Holy Ghost will testify to you that the Book of Mormon is a true
book. The center of our gospel. I know that it is true. Moroni 10:3-5
This week has been a really good one for me. I have come so much
closer with my Heavenly Father and learned so much about his gospel. I
can't wait to be able to share this gospel with the people of Japan!
I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for all of your love and
support! Have a safe week!

エバンズ 長老 (Evans Choro)

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