Monday, February 22, 2016

Japanese people can be scary!!

  Hello people of America! I hope everyone is Genki and doing well!
This weeks email probably won't be very long, because not much
happened. But it was still a good week! We started off last Monday
after emailing, by going to Osaka city which is about a 15 minute
train ride from our area. We went to a huge building with a Pokemon
center inside. If you like Pokemon, it's heaven for you. My companion
loves Pokemon, and it was awesome to see how happy he was and how
amazed he was haha! Then we went and explored Osaka and had some fun!
    Yesterday at church, it was a crazy day. We had to go to church
early for ward counsel meeting, but when we got there, the elders from
the senri area came out and said there was a guy inside waiting to
meet with the sisters from our area. They said he was a little crazy,
but to go talk to him until the sisters got there. So me and Hashimoto
Choro stayed out of our meeting to talk to him, while our companions
split off and went to the meeting. Hashimoto Choro and I introduced
ourselves and started talking to the guy. We asked about his religious
back ground and talked about our church for a little while and then he
started telling us that we had no idea what we were talking about.
That Mormons are crazy and stuff. We just testified to him, and told
him that we know that this church is true. He looked at me and said
"Well you don't know anything, you're way too young." I said, yes sir
I am young, but I have learned that this church is true. Hashimoto
Choro backed me up strong, and testified as well. Then he looked at
Hashimoto Choro and said "Do you think you're god?!?!" Which Hashimoto
Choro politely responded, "Absolutely not, but I am a child of God,
and I know that." Well, at this point the conversation had escalated
and the guy was kind of yelling. I grabbed the senri elders and told
them that we need to get that guy out of there. They walked over, and
we explained to the guy that he had to leave. He was not happy at all.
He tried to push past us, and walk into the church, and Miller Choro
stepped in front and told him no. The guy looked at him and said "IF
YOU TOUCH ME I WILL CALL THE COPS!" So Miller Choro smartly responded,
"Sir if you don't leave, we will call the cops." We then, escorted him
out of the building haha! The ward members were all so proud of us
missionaries. And we felt pretty dang cool ;) It was a pretty crazy
experience haha!
    During sacrament meeting, I was sitting by Hashimoto Choro, but he
had to speak during the meeting. When he got up to speak, an
investigator named Oji who is from Nigeria, who the sisters found,
walked in. This was his first time coming to church, and I was the
only missionary that had a spot next to me, so I invited him to come
sit by me. I asked him if he spoke any Japanese and he said "Not at
all". So I had the opportunity of translating sacrament meeting for
him. After the meeting, he asked me how long I had been in Japan. I
told him about 4 months and he was amazed! He was like "that's
impossible!! I've been in Japan since September and I've learned
nothing!" He made me feel really good about my Japanese, so that was
nice haha! I know that the gift of tongues is real, and that through
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, all of us Japanese missionaries, can
learn this incredibly hard language.
  Anyways, I think that is about all that happened this week. In my
study yesterday, I found this awesome quote! It was perfect timing
that I found this, because when the guy told me "you don't know
anything, you're too young" I started questioning everything I knew
for a couple minutes. "Testimonies come through the gift and power of
the Holy Ghost. We gain testimony as we bear testimony. Take
opportunity to do so whenever it is appropriate. If you desire a
testimony and seek for it, you will receive it. You will have
opportunity to bear your witness to thousands. This will have more
effect on people than any other thing you do. That's why you are
called--to testify that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph was a
prophet, that this Church is true--with a living prophet."
  I really like this part of this talk because anyone can receive a
testimony. It doesn't matter how old, or how young you may be. If you
have a desire to gain one, it'll happen. Share it, live it, and love
it!! I can testify that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph was a
prophet, and that we have a living prophet--Thomas S. Monson, on this
earth today. Being a missionary is awesome! Love you all! Until Next

Elder Alex Evans

 Indo curry with some members

 In Osaka

A view of Osaka from our area.
It's closer than it looks.

 The pokemon place

Steve hasn't translated this for me yet, but it is fun to hear him speaking Japanese! glad that he's such a good example to the people of Japan.

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