Sunday, February 28, 2016

6 Months!

 Hello there everyone! Not much happened this week so this email
probably won't be too long! This past week I was able to go on splits
with my district leader, Hashimoto Choro. There was a point in the
day, where we were riding down the street, and we stopped a guy, and
we talked to him for about 20-25 minutes. After we were done talking
to him, we stepped over to the side so Hashimoto Choro could put the
lesson in the area book. While he was doing that, I started talking to
some 17 year old kid, and ended up getting into a 15 minute lesson
with him. After that lesson, I stood on the side, and put the lesson
in the area book. While I was doing that, Hashimoto Choro stopped an
older guy, and was able to teach another lesson. In just one spot, we
were able to teach 3 really good lessons, and retain two of those
people as investigators! We had a great time and we didn't even have
to move! We taught 7 lessons that day, and found 3 new investigators
which was awesome! I have really been working on how to retain the
people that I contact on the street, and this was a perfect
opportunity for me to learn just how to do that!
  We also had a "Open House" at our church on Saturday. All of the
ward members helped out and it was awesome! We got quite a few people
in the door to check out the church, and a couple new investigators!
It was a fun day!
  Other than that, there really wasn't much more that happened this
week in our area! For study this week, I have been working on
recognizing the spirit. One thing that I think I always forget is that
prayer is a two way conversation. A lot of times, I just say a prayer
and I think I am done. Sometimes I even feel like I don't receive an
answer. But, how do we recognize the answers to our prayers? One thing
that my zone leader, Johnson Choro told me the other day, is that
sometimes we look for a different voice to come, and to tell us the
answer, when, Heavenly Father is probably going to use a voice we are
much more familiar with. Much like our own voice. I know that this is
true. Answers to our prayers may not come the way we think they will.
But Heavenly Father does answer our prayers!
  Lastly, last week I forgot to include the details of the new Book
of Mormon challenge that our mission president gave us. We will be
reading Jeffrey R. Holland's 20 favorite teachings of the atonement,
in the Book of Mormon. When we are done with that, we will be reading
the whole Book of Mormon, and highlight and mark and study everything
about Christs atonement. I am way excited for this challenge and I
feel like it will help me to be able to help the people of Japan!
  Well, I think that is all for this week! Have a good week everyone!
Evans Choro
A view of the planes.  My apartment building is on the left.

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