Saturday, April 9, 2016

America's Conference Weekend

Konnichiwa Family and Friends!

  This week was all over the place! We traveled to all 3 areas in our
district. We first traveled to Yonago for interviews with our Mission
President! Interviews with him are really short, but they are some of
the most spiritual experiences you can have on your mission. In my
interview, he started with a prayer. It amazed me to see how he talks
to Heavenly Father. It felt as if Heavenly Father was right there with
us in the room. It made me really evaluate my prayers with Heavenly
Father, and how much better I need to do with praying. For the
interview we talked about the atonement challenge that we are doing as
a mission. He gave me some really good advice on how I interpret the
Book of Mormon for this challenge. He also shared some really good
insights, and made the atonement a lot more personal to me. One thing
that I am focused on for this challenge, that Welch Kaicho talked
about in the interview is how we understand the atonement. I don't
want to just "know" about the atonement. I want the atonement to
change me, and how I live my life. I know that through living like
Christ wants us to, we can find the most happiness in our lives.
    Another fun part of the week was Saturday. In Matsue there was a
big samurai festival going on. They had music, samurai's and all sorts
of other activities going on. It was a good time to talk to people and
get to know the Japanese people and their culture. Lots of people came
to this event, so it was a good place to find for the day.
  On Sunday, Anzai-San, our investigator who has a baptismal date
came to church for the first time!! After church we met with him to
talk about it, and he said he really liked it and it made him happy.
He wants to continue coming, and his baptismal date is coming up in
the middle of this month. Keep him in your prayers to continue to have
this desire to come to church, and to follow Jesus Christ.
  I can't wait for this weekend where I can watch conference! I hope
you all had a good time watching it, and learned a lot from it that
you can APPLY to your daily life. We visited one of our members
yesterday, and she was telling us how worried she is with how
dangerous the world is becoming, and how she just wants the second
coming to come now. With all the stuff going on in the world, we need
to focus harder on Christ than we ever have before. Through the gospel
of Christ, we can find answers to all of the questions we have. We can
find a safe place, in a world full of chaos. I hope you were able to
listen to the prophet and apostles from conference. Our leaders of
this church are there to warn us of dangers ahead. Please listen and
follow what they have talked about this past weekend. It is an amazing
opportunity for all of us to listen to God's Prophet, Seers, and
Revelators. If you haven't watched conference, go watch it! Take
advantage of this opportunity to listen to our amazing leaders!

I love you all very much! Thank you for your love and support! Until Next week!

Evans Choro

 Alex and Tanner Olsen
oops! Elder Evans and Elder Olsen

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