Monday, March 28, 2016


(The 9 Teenagers they taught)

Talofa Lava Everyone! (In honor to my Samoan companion)

  I hope everyone had a happy Easter, and were able to focus their
thoughts on Jesus Christ! Not much happened this week, but I'll write
about the highlight of the week this week. On Friday night, Vui Choro
and I went to the sunset to try to talk to people. Vui Choro brought
his ukulele to see if he could use that to talk to people. We were
walking around and we saw a 17 year old boy. So we started talking to
him. He thought the ukulele was so cool. He asked Vui Choro if Vui
Choro could play it for him. All of a sudden we had 9 people watching
Vui Choro play the ukulele. They were all 16 and 17 years old. We were
able to teach them all, about Jesus Christ, and shared the new Easter
video that the church released. It was a lot of fun to teach a group
of people! Yesterday in church, I was asked to speak. It was a good
time to test my Japanese and also prepare and learn about the gospel
  As it is Easter, I have been thinking about Jesus Christ. It made
me remember a talk by Elder Bendar that I heard when I was in the MTC.
It's called The Character of Christ. I want to share a part of the
talk that I really like. It says 'The natural man is an enemy to God.
I don't mean to be light minded, but the absolute perfect image, in my
mind, if the natural man is the Cookie Monster. "I want Cookie now!"
Right? And when the Cookie Monster gets a cookie what does he do with
it? He doesn't just eat it, it's like WHAM! He is shoving it in his
mouth. Crumbs are flying everywhere. "I'm hungry, give me this now!"
Well, that's the natural man- and that's what most of us are like. We
want what we want and we want it right now. It's all about me and it's
self centered and its self absorbed and it's selfish. And so if
something happens, what do we do? "Well, you ought to be feeling sorry
for me." - "You ought to be doing this for me" We turn inward! You
never see the savior doing that. Never! He always turns outward.'
  From reading this, it amazed me how when Christ was being
chastised, mistreated, and accused, he always turned out. He never
turned inward saying "me, me, me". He continued to lift and help
others even when he was going through pain that words can't even
describe. I'm so grateful for Christ and his atonement. And for the
example Christ set for each and every one of us.
  I hope you all had a great Easter! And have a great week this week
watching general conference! Love you all!

Quick S/O to Garrett and Jessica Despain, who had their baby over the
weekend! You're going to make awesome parents! Love you guys!

Evans Choro

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