Sunday, May 22, 2016

Elder Stevenson Conference

Hello Everyone!

  This week has been crazy and sadly today, don't have a lot of time
to email. I will try to quickly just let you know what we did this
week! We were in our area for only 2 days! We left Wednesday morning
to take a bus down to Okayama for zone conference that was on
Thursday. From Matsue to Okayama it takes about 4 hours to get there.
On Thursday President Welch and Sister Welch gave us a really good
zone conference. I learned a lot but sadly I don't have time to talk
about it this week.
  On Thursday night, we headed back to Matsue.  When we were leaving
the Okayama mission home, we went to get on a train. Vui Choro pulled
out our phone, and just as the train was pulling in, the phone fell
onto the train tracks. We were already in a hurry to make it to our
bus on time, so we left the phone and two missionaries stayed back to
get it. So....we didn't have a phone on Friday while we were in the
area which made meeting with people very hard. But we made it work! We
at least made it on the bus with one minute to spare! So that's all
that matters right? Haha
  On Saturday we got up and got on another bus and took a 5 hour bus
ride down to Kobe. We stayed in the Kobe mission home that night with
20 other missionaries and then Sunday we went to the Kobe ward for
church. After church we had a mission wide conference with Elder
Stevenson from the quorum of the twelve apostles. Not only did elder
Stevenson come, but the area presidency came and talked to us as well.
It was awesome!
  Since there wasn't a bus to get us home Sunday night, we had to stay
at the Kobe mission home again last night, so we are doing P Day here
in Kobe today, and heading up to the area called Izumo, next to Matsue
(but farther) for splits with the zone leaders.
  This week again, we won't be in our area. We have splits with the
zone leaders tomorrow and will get home on Wednesday. We will work in
Matsue on Wednesday and Thursday, and then we will go on Friday to
Yonago to do splits with our district leader and his companion. We
will do that on Friday and Saturday, and then Saturday night we have a
culture party in Matsue so will head back for that that night.
  Next week is also transfers so I'll let you know what happens for
that! But these last two weeks of the transfer have been crazy!

  I'm sorry that this email is crappy this week! I'll make up for it
next week. I just wanted to let you all know that Prophets and
Apostles are called of God. They are on the earth today, and I was
lucky enough to sit at the foot of one this weekend. I sustain each of
them, love them, and am grateful for their service! I will write about
what I learned from his conference next week!

Love you all so much!

Evans Choro

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