Sunday, May 15, 2016

Japan: Week 28

 I love the feeling when we come in on Sunday nights absolutely
exhausted because we worked so hard throughout the week. That's what
kind of week it was this week, and I like it that way!
  We taught 26 lessons this week, and met some amazing people! One
thing that I have loved about this area is the amount of foreigners
that we have been able to meet and get to know. I have met and talked
to people from all around the world, including: India, France,
England, Ireland, China and Australia. That has made me think a lot
about how we are all gods children, no matter where we are from in the
world, we all are here for the same purpose and we are all brothers
and sisters. I have loved the opportunity to meet so many people, from
all around the world.
  This past week, I was able to skype my amazing family. It was an
amazing time and I love them so much. They are all such amazing
examples to me, and I couldn't be more grateful to have such an
amazing family. Thank you family, for such a great time last Monday!

  As far as investigators go, here is a little update on each of them!
Anzai-San (who has had many different baptismal dates since I got
here): After not meeting him for a week or two, we met with him twice
this week. We did kind of a make it or break it lesson with him. We
told him our goals, and we tried to understand his goals for meeting
with us. He told us that he does still want to be baptized and learn
more about the gospel. I sure love the guy, and hope that he will
start keeping the commitments that we are giving him so that he can
experience the fullness of the gospel.
Suzuki-San (who was the only other investigator when I got here): we
haven't met with her for 53 days. Because she is so old, we think she
got sick and has been in the hospital. Please keep her in your
prayers. She is such a sweet lady and really loves coming to church.
Fukushima-San (we found him 2 weeks ago): we had a meeting with him
this past Tuesday, and he now has a baptismal date. It is for the end
of this month, but we still have a lot of work with him to do. But he
has a desire to change, and wants to follow Christ! So we are excited
to work with him! Please keep him in your prayers as well!
Hisako Tako (the lady that works at the juice shop that we found a
month or so ago): She is such a happy lady! She loves learning about
Christ, but she has an image that this gospel is only for sad people
to become happy. She thinks that because she is already so happy, she
doesn't need the gospel. So we are trying to get her to understand
that the gospel is for everyone!
Jo: Jo has been an investigator for a long long time. But he had been
dropped by missionaries because he has been so busy that he couldn't
meet. We picked him back up a couple weeks ago and We were finally
able to meet with him this week, and he felt like a member. He knows
pretty much everything about the church, and he carries around a
binder for work that has quotes by president Hinkley on the front of
it. He is fluent at English so that's why he goes by "Jo" but his
really name is actually Daisuke Furata! He isn't a member yet, because
of his extreme work schedule. But we had a great meeting with him.
Pray for him that work will slow down so that he can get baptized and
come to church!

  We have 4 other new investigators, but they are still at the
beginning stages of learning about the gospel. But they are doing
well, and all have a desire to learn about Christ and Heavenly Father.
This area is starting to pick up! We are finding new investigators,
which is awesome. When I got here we had 2 investigators. Now we have
9! We have worked super hard, and we are hoping this area will turn
into a power area soon. This week we also did a lot of planning for
our culture party that me and Vui Choro are doing here in Matsue in 2
weeks. We are trying to get lots and lots of people to come see what
the church is like! Planning has been a little stressful but we are
hoping for a good turn out! I'll update you more on that when it

  Last week, during Vui choro's skype, I learned a lot from his dad.
His dad is not a member, YET. But they have hope that he will
eventually become a member. But he was talking a lot about attitude,
and how attitude is so important in all that we do. He said
"Everything we do in life is depended on one thing- attitude!!" It
reminded me a lot about what my dad would tell me in the middle of my
basketball games, when my red headed bad attitude would come out. He
would always tell me that when I get frustrated, it throws off my
game. My job is to stay calm and focused. He would always remind me to
change my attitude, so that I could play to the best of my ability.
Attitude is a decision. If I would have had a better attitude in those
basketball games, I would have played a lot better. This applies
really well with missionary work and life as well. We always have to
have a good attitude in all that we do. As missionaries we experience
a lot of rejection. But if we just sit and whine about getting shut
down by an investigator, that's not going to help you find someone
new. You have to take rejection, learn from it, and move on happily!
If you do that, you will definitely find someone new! I'm grateful for
a dad who understood my red headed temper, and always reminded me to
change it. I'm also grateful for the little reminder from Vui choros
dad this past week. So here is the challenge: look at things
positively this week! It all starts with your attitude! And don't forget to smile!

Much love from Matsue, Japan

Evans Choro

I have no idea who this kid was, but
he became my friend!

A swan hanging out by the big deal!

We ate the biggest Ice Cream that I've ever seen in my life.

The district!

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  1. Love reading your letters. Not feeling well today but this will pass. I pray for you every day andI'm so proud of you. love you. Grandma Murri