Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Eating a really good kakiboushi (good luck saying that) with Elder Olsen.

 Hello there all you amazing people! It's been a good week, and I'm
utterly exhausted! Let's just dive in to what we did this week: We
found a couple new investigators this week, which is awesome because
this area is really starting to get strengthened. And we are starting
to find lots of people to teach! On Wednesday, the wind was blowing
harder than I have ever seen in my life, and it was the day that we
road 35-40 kilometers so that we could visit a family (Kuwatani
family) in our ward. They live WAYYYY out in the middle of no where,
but we had a good time riding out there, even when the wind was
knocking us off our bikes (literally). During that trip out to the
family, we were able to stop by the Sea of Japan, but the wind was
blowing so hard, we didn't stay for long.
  On Thursday, we got on a bus and headed down to Okayama for Zone
Training meeting that was held on Friday. On Thursday night there were
about 20-30 (I don't actually know how many) elders sleeping in the
Okayama mission home. It was a great time to get to know a lot of the
missionaries that I am serving with, and gave me lots of motivation to
work harder! On Friday we had an awesome zone training meeting where
we heard from our zone leaders, Madruga Choro, and Griffitts Choro.
They gave us very good instruction and focused a lot on baptisms. In 2
weeks, Elder Stevenson, from the quorum of the twelve apostles is
coming to our mission, and we have all committed to see a baptism in
each of our areas before he comes. It's going to take a lot of work,
but I know that through our faith, we can accomplish this!
  Anyways, this week as we were riding the 35-40 kilometers in the
crazy wind on our bikes. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father to "GET
RID OF THIS WIND!!!" After saying this prayer, I continued on my bike
for a little longer, and then the Holy Ghost gave me a little punch in
the face. I immediately said another prayer, but this time, I asked
for the strengthen to get through the wind so that I could continue
on. This made me ponder a lot about my prayers, and what I am asking
for. Am I being selfish in my prayers and telling Heavenly Father to
take away the challenge that he is giving me? When I should be asking
for the strength to endure and to move forward? -I honestly don't know
where I am going with this thought... But here is the question: In
your prayers, are you asking Heavenly Father to take away your
affliction, or are you asking for the strength to endure? I know that
through my own experience this week, I was given the strength to push
through the wind and endure the rest of the bike ride. All the
challenges we are given are there so that we can learn and grow. So
instead of asking for the affliction or challenge to leave, ask for
the strength the learn and endure.
  Lastly, I just wanted to thank my amazing momma for all that she
does for me. My mom is sure a trooper. She took on the challenge of
raising 5 crazy boys. She has taught me and my brothers the ropes of
life, and how to become good people. She has sacrificed so much of her
dreams, goals, hopes, and desires, so that she could give my brothers
and I, all that she could, and more. (And she has earned 4 Eagle Scout
awards! Pretty soon, with Tyler's Eagle Scout, she will have earned
5!) Thank you mom, for your unselfishness, your sacrifices, and for
your true love, so that you could give me and my brothers so much. I
love you and am so grateful for you. I want to make you proud! I have
the best momma and I can't wait to skype with her and my family in
just a little while!

Happy Mother's Day to all you other mothers out there! Have a safe
week, and tell your mothers you love them!

With love from Japan,
Evans Choro

Zone Meeting in Okayama

The Kuwatani Family. 

The sea of Japan, Korea is on the other side

My cute biker boy!
on a 35-40 Kilometer bike ride

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