Saturday, June 18, 2016


At the Ocean In Yonago

It's been a total of 4 weeks since I have been in Matsue for a full
week straight! The traveling NEVER ENDS!! With the past 4 weeks
combined, we have been out of the area for 12 total days. CRAZY!! But
luckily, this week we will be here for the whole week other than going
to Yonago on Sunday for church. So we are excited to work hard this
week, and try to strengthen Matsue as much as we can! For the last 2
transfers here in Matsue, Vui Choro and I really focused on the
members, and helping them. We really tried to earn the trust of the
members, and create relationships with them. Through that, in the past
2 weeks we have received 2 non-member referrals, and 16 less active
referrals from the members! And yesterday in Ward counsel they talked
about another non member referral that we should be receiving
information about this coming week! WOOHOOO!! This should make this
coming week a super busy one for us, which I am excited for! I'm proud
of the Matsue Ward for how much they have been willing to change and
come together to focus on missionary work.

  This past week we went to Okayama for Zone conference, which was a
lot of fun. I always love going there because that's my dads mission
home. It's always fun to talk to and get to know all of the other
missionaries in the zone. The zone leaders and sister training leaders
did a good job teaching and helping everyone out.

On Friday and Saturday, I was able to do splits in Yonago with Inaba
Choro again! He is a 2nd transfer and right now he is working in
Yonago! He is one of my favorite people in the mission! It was fun
because I could only speak Japanese the whole time, which was a really
good test for my Japanese. Him and I really wanted to focus and
practice finding and contacting people. So on Saturday we did mostly
finding. It was a hard day to find, because of the rain but we still
learned a lot together. I love how Inaba Choro is always wanting to
learn and take the next step upwards. He is always wanting to Improve.
He is going to be an amazing leader.

As far as Anzai San goes, he was planning on getting baptized this
coming Saturday, but because he didn't come to church this past week,
we have to move his baptism back just a little! But hopefully we will
be able to get him coming to church, and then he is ready. I do want
to make sure that he feels prepared to receive baptism and get rid of
his little worries! So hopefully in the next coming weeks, we can help
him prepare and watch him take a step of faith towards his father in
heaven! Please keep in him your prayers!!

This week I studied a lot about gratitude. I thought to myself, how am
I doing with showing my gratitude to other people? How am I showing it
to my companions, Ward members, and the people I talk to on the
streets everyday? This is definitely something I need to do better
with! Sorry my thoughts are short today because I am lazy, BUT! Here
is the challenge: Tell people "thank you" this week! Express your
gratitude for what others do for you! Your parents, friends,
neighbors, and especially your Heavenly Father for all that he has
given you. You never know who's day you could make!

Lastly I just wanted to thank everyone for all that you do for me. I'm
grateful for all your letters of support and encouragement. I'm
grateful for my young men's and scout leaders while growing up, who
wanted the best for me. I'm grateful for all my teachers, for the time
they were willing to give to help me. I'm grateful for my parents who
raised me in the gospel. Who gave of them selves so that they could
give everything to the 5 crazy boys they were raising. I'm grateful
for family, and friends who have given me advice and helped me out.
Thank you all for all you do for me! I pray for your success and
happiness. Have a good and safe week!

And happy Father's Day on Sunday!

Elder Evans

At the ocean in Yonago

The zone conference in Yonago

Down the street from the apartment

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