Sunday, June 5, 2016

Transfer week!

TRANSFER WEEK!!!- The funnest, worst, most suspenseful time of a mission. It was another crazy busy, week of traveling for us Matsue Elders. The traveling just doesn't seem to end! It all started on Monday, when we thought we had officially finished our 2 weeks of traveling. Vui Choro and I went to the church so that we could email and relax, and after just a short amount of time, we got a call from our zone leaders in Izumo telling us that they need us to catch the quickest train to Izumo because one of our zone leaders got called as AP so he had to go to Kobe. Our other zone leader couldn't be alone, so we needed to go stay (what we thought) 3 days in Izumo. (YAY! MORE TRAVELING!!)

While we were in Izumo, we found out that (drum roll please...) Vui Choro was transferring to Nara (The other side of the mission) and becoming a district leader over there and I will be staying in Matsue for a 3rd Transfer (which officially makes Matsue my longest area!) My new companions name is Smith Choro! He is an 8th transfer and he is from Disneyland! (Cyprus area-15 minutes away from the happiest place on earth) He LOVES sports, especially Basketball!! Needless to say, we became real good friends really quick! AND GET THIS: Smith Choro's first area when he came to Japan was MATSUE! So this is his second time serving in this area. The first time he served here for 2 transfers. (3 months) So me and him will both be going on our 3rd transfer in Matsue. - Pretty crazy because that normally doesn't happen.- Smith Choro and I have been contacting all of the people he used to meet with, and some of them have some potential!

Because we found out that Vui Choro was transferring while we were over in Izumo, we ended up having to go back to Matsue for him to pack. So on Tuesday, we headed back to Matsue so that he could do that, and also so that he could say bye to all of the members. We met with people like crazy! And because of that, we were able to teach 10 lessons in just one day! Pretty cool! On Wednesday, we had to go back to Izumo because of an activity that they were doing there. So it sucked, but we had to go back. Then on Thursday morning, Madruga Choro (our zone leader) and I dropped Vui Choro off at the Izumo station at 6:00am so that he could start his journey to Nara. While Madruga Choro and I were walking back to the apartment (about a 30 minute walk), Madruga Choro realized that he left the apartment keys in the apartment. -In Izumo, they live in a lock out apartment building, which means you have to unlock the outside doors of the building, to be able to get inside to your apartment door. - Because it was 6 am, we couldn't ask any of the other people that live in the apartment building to unlock it for us because they were all asleep. So..... Madruga Choro boosted me up.... And we were able to scale the front of the bundling and break into the apartment. (I'm sure that makes no sense to everyone in America, but people in japan understand what kind of apartment building it was) But anyways, WE GOT IN. 
Just a little while later, our new companions got to Izumo, we went out to lunch, and then Smith Choro and I headed back to Matsue! 

Well that about sums up this week. Another highlight was being able to play basketball at a really nice professional basketball teams gym on Saturday with an investigator that smith Choro used to teach. It had been 3 months since I last played, which is the longest in my life without basketball. So it felt way good to play again. Remember kids, ball is life. 

Lastly I just want to share 2 quick quotes. One that my companion shared with me the other night and the other that my Branch President from the MTC shared with me in an email. My companion said: You can't expect a $1000 answer to a 10 cent prayer. I really like this quote because it makes me think of how I am saying my prayers. Am I just saying it to say it? Or am I truly meaning what I am saying and giving my heart to God? Am I truly having a conversation with him, or am I just saying my part really fast, and then hanging up the phone? 
The last quote I want to share is from President Daniels. He shared: Prayer is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a "steering wheel" that directs the right path throughout.  I really like this one as well because God wants to talk to us. He has given us a way to talk to him through prayer. Don't go to him only when you are in trouble. Go to him everyday, and you'll see how much trouble you aren't in. 

Thank you all for everything! Have a good week and stay safe!

Much love from the one and only Matsue, Japan

Elder Evans

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