Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Hot and humid - Matsue

 Happy Father's Day to my father and role model. I love you and
miss you so much, and hope you have a great day filled with Game 7,
Mashed Potatoes and Pepsi. Yummm!

    This week has been a great one! We worked our butts off, which
felt so rewarding. I love coming home at night, knowing that we left
it all out there. That we did all we could. That's what it was like
this week, so I enjoyed it. One thing that I learned this week, is
that the lord provides. We, as the Matsue elders, are trying to
improve everyday and get out of our comfort zones. So this week, we
set a goal to teach 40 lessons! (Normally I'm not a big fan of talking
numbers... But just listen!) The reason we set this goal was because
we wanted to talk to everyone this week, and literally get over

    The beginning of the week was looking good. We were right on track
through the first 3 days to teach 40. We had lots of appointments with
investigators, and it seemed as if people were just easy to talk to.
Sadly, it didn't stay like that! But that's okay! Because we knew that
if we kept pushing and talking to everyone, we would find people who
would want to listen! On Wednesday we hit a complete stand-still. NO
ONE wanted to talk to us. We began to get a little frustrated, because
we were working so hard and wanted it so bad! We began to worry that
we wouldn't hit the goal of 40 lessons that we had set. After going
hours on Thursday without anyone to talk to, and nonstop biking,
finding, and visiting people, we took a quick break to cool down
(because it's HOT AND HUMID), regroup, get a new game plan, pray, and
get back out there.

    After our break, we got back on the court, ready to play. Ready to
stop everyone and share the message of the gospel. That's when things
started to click. We taught, and taught and taught! And then taught
some more! There was a point when I had stopped a boy and was having a
conversation with him, and at the same time another man that we had
contacted before came up to us. So I was talking to one person, while
my companion was talking to another person! We know that because we
had set this goal, because we were working as hard as we could, and
because we involved the lord, he provided a way for us to teach and
find new investigators! The lesson learned from this experience, is
THE LORD ALWAYS PROVIDES A WAY! We still need to do our part, but he
will help us get there.

    There was also a point where we were sitting in a lesson this week
with a less active and her non-member father. She looked at me and
said, "Elder Evans... I've heard that name before!" I told her that my
dad served his mission here as well. I then showed her a picture of my
dad when he was a missionary and she said "YES YES! I KNOW HIM! I HAVE
HIS MISSIONARY BUSINESS CARD!"  She was so happy and excited to know
that she knew my dad! -How lucky I am to be able to serve in the same
place as my father. It's been fun to find connections with people who
knew my dad when he was here! I look up to my dad more than anyone, so
this mission means the absolute world to me. But hey dad! People in
Japan remember you! How cool?!

    I hope all of you have taken the time to let your fathers know
that you are grateful for them and that you love them! I sure hope
that I can become half the man my father is! We are so lucky to have
fathers who hold priesthood keys over our families. But here is the
question: When was the last time you thanked your father in heaven for
giving you everything you have? Give a prayer of thanks to him, who
has given you more than you could ever ask for! I know that blessings
will come, if we show our father in heaven how grateful we are for

Watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals with your dad! I'm sure he will enjoy
that! Go Warriors!!

With love from 松江!
Elder Evans

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