Monday, August 1, 2016

Another week down

Konnichiwa family and friends!

    Another week is done, which means it's time to write another
email. This week was a good week of learning for me. We had splits
with the zone leaders and I worked with Elder Takahashi for the day.
He is a great guy and we had a great time together. We went down to a
lower area called Asuka and worked there. It was also fun to have a
Japanese companion where I could only speak Japanese. Takahashi Choro
really knows how to teach and explain the gospel. So I was very lucky
to be able to learn from him.

    We also had interviews with Welch Kaicho this week and it was
amazing. We talked about the atonement and how it's not just for us to
make our bad things good. But also to make our good things stronger
and better. One thing that I learned for sure is that me or Vui Choro
will definitely be transferring this transfer. We just don't know who!
Either way, we are going to work out butts off for the rest of our
time together.

  This week as we met with Vipheak again, I got thinking about how
much faith Vipheak has. Vipheak literally lives on top of a mountain
in the middle of nowhere. He works daily at a cement manufacturing
company - lifting cement all day everyday. He is a year and a half
into a 3 year contract to work for this company. He left behind his
wife, and 2 kids in Cambodia and came to a foreign country to do hard
labor so that he can provide for his family. I am amazed at how he was
so prepared to receive the gospel that he would make that dreadful,
hour Long bike ride to come to church and to meet with 2 foreigners
who don't speak he same language as him. What a guy!

    The week before his baptism, his family had some concerns with the
law of tithing and some of the commandments so they asked Vipheak not
to be baptized. But Vipheak had faith and knew that if he did this, it
would bless his family. So he went forth with the baptism and has been
on cloud 9 ever since. I'm so grateful to have met Vipheak and get to
learn so much from him. We can't communicate very well together, but
he is one of my role models and I love him so much. Another good thing
is that Vipheak doesn't have to ride His bike to church anymore!!!
Members are picking him up and bringing him now, so that makes me very
happy. Let's all show as much faith as Vipheak!!

Thank you all for reading this mess of an email this week. Have a good
week, and be safe!

I love you all more than Vui Choro loves Golf. ⛳️
Kuniom sulou lan nier (Cambodian for "I love you"- good luck saying it.)

Ebanzu Choro

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  1. Hello Elder Evans! I'm sister Mishima from Matsue.
    I' m happy to read this.
    Your smile in the photo made me happy!
    Good luck!