Sunday, August 28, 2016

Like Father, Like Son

Hello from the beautiful city of Okayama! This past week was transfer
week, and I got transferred back to the other side of the mission! One
thing that I have learned on my mission is that when I transfer, I
transfer far!! Nara was short, but it was a great experience that
really changed the course of my mission. The people that I was blessed
to meet there have changed my life, as well as working with Vui Choro
again. I learned so much and I will now apply it to the Okayama Nishi
area! My new companions name is Elder Korth! He is a 5th transfer,
stud of a missionary from Springville, Utah. I am excited to work with
him this transfer and learn from him as well. We were blessed to see
miracles this week, including finding 3 new investigators in 3 days of
work! I know that we will work hard here, and Korth Choro and I will
be able to see this area strengthen.

Well, it's been a year out on the mission! It's been the hardest,
funnest, and best year of my life. I never thought I would make it out
this far! There were days I didn't think I would make it through, and
there were months that flew past. I felt like My year mark would never
come. But now that it has, it has made me realize how short missions
really are. Sometimes the time is very slow, but in the long run, the
time is going to fly by! I want to make sure that I am working hard
everyday and making the most out of the time that the Lord has given
me. Okayama is a ward of about 50 active people, with lots and lots of
less active that we need to bring back! They seem to want to help us
with missionary work, and I am excited for that.

I'm grateful to be serving in an area that my dad served in and to be
able to help my Japanese brothers and sisters come into Christ in the
same place.
One cool side note is that there are  2 areas that are in my mission
boundaries that my dad served in. (Okayama and Imabari). One of my
good friends from high school, Tanner Olsen Choro is currently serving
in Imabari, and I am serving in Okayama! How cool is it that we are
both serving where my dad did!? It's such a blessing!!

Lastly, I read this poem this past week and thought I would share it.
I love you all so much!! Have a good week and be safe!!

Elder Evans

"While in the pre-existence amongst our friends so dear.
The Lord got us together, for a special plan to hear.
A world to get new bodies; but some of us�fd get lost.
To bring them back the Lord had said,
�gSacrifice is the cost.�h
The Lord did see us one by one and told those who would stray.
They bowed their heads and understood, then continued on their way.
You stood next to your dearest friend, awaiting for your turn.
As the Lord approached you two, your heart began to burn.
The Lord spake first unto your friend and told them that they�fd see.
Into a place without Christ�fs word, was where their birth would be.
As tears began to cascade down upon your dear friend�fs cheeks.
They bowed their head and understood their odds were very bleak.
Into a world with population seven- billion plus;
How would they get Christ�fs Gospel and once again be blessed?
The Lord then spake to you your fate and told you that you�fd see.
Into a place filled with God�fs word, was where your birth would be.
But since you�fd be born to a place filled with God�fs love and light.
You were tasked to teach the others with all heart, mind, and might.
Your friend ceased weeping, cleared their throat, and raised to you
their head. They looked deep into both your eyes and these next words
they said.
�gPlease learn God�fs word, prepare your- self, and search for me, my friend.
You are my only hope to get God�fs glory in the end.�h
You took your friend, embraced them close, and accepted their petition.
You let them go, looked in their eyes, and agreed to fulfill your mission."

(a note from Stacie.  This poem came through the email with all of those weird diamonds in it.  I decided to leave it as he sent it, instead of guessing what they were supposed to be. Hopefully it doesn't loose it's meaning.)

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