Monday, August 15, 2016

"...oh... it's the Mormons..."

District meeting in Nabari

Konnichiwa everybody!

This week was full of traveling, splits with missionaries, and flat tires!

  On Thursday, I was able to go into the heart of Osaka and do some
work there with Ray Choro and Nevarez Choro. We worked as a
tripanionship for the day and it was a good time. Doing missionary
work in A tripanionship is definitely a little harder than was
expected, but we made it work and had a good time with it! It was
really fun to be in the city and get a little different side of
missionary work in Japan!

  Then on Friday we went to Nabari for district meeting, and then
after district meeting we had splits with the Nabari elders. So Vui
Choro stayed with elder Drewes there, and Elder Peacock and I returned
to Nara to work here. We got to do just about every aspect of
missionary work when we got back to Nara including finding, meeting
with members, and recent converts, and eating good food. (McDonalds) I
knew elder peacock from the MTC so it was really good to catch up with
him, and work together here in Japan. He has come a long way and is
becoming a great missionary! It was a great day to learn from him.

  One day earlier in the week after doing some streeting, Vui Choro
and I walked back to our bikes that were parked at the train station.
I noticed that my mud flap on the back was moved off to the side, so
when I went to put it back where it belongs I saw a gold tack stuck in
the top of my bike tire!  I then pulled my bike out to look to see
what happened, and we noticed that the front tire also was completely
flat with 2 tacks in it. YAY BIKE PROBLEMS! So after a long walk to 3
different bike shops, and a nice bill to go along with it, we were
back on the road with nice new tires. That slowed us down a little
bit, but we pushed through it and made the best out of it that we

Nara is a very touristy area, so we have a lot of English speakers
here. I remember a week or so ago when Vui Choro and I were sitting
down taking a little water and ice cream break (because it is so hot
and humid) when a man walked passed us. He said, under his breath,
(not very quietly) "'s the Mormons...." When I first heard
him say this, it made me angry. But as I have thought about his
sentence the last couple weeks, it's made me glad to be a Mormon. I'm
glad that I have the gospel. I know that through the gospel, we can
find the most happiness in this life. I feel bad for those who turn it
down or for those who don't like the church. The biggest thing that we
can remember is that the church is perfect, but the people in the
church are not. In Japanese, "fukuin" means gospel. If you look at the
kanji for "fukuin" (福音), it literally translates to "good news". This
gospel truly is "good news" and I'm so grateful for this opportunity
to work everyday to share this "good news" with everyone.

Thank you all for all of your love and support! Have a safe week! And
please don't crash any more dirt bikes!!

I love you all more than Vui Choro loves Nebraska 🔴⛳️

Ebanzu Choro

The last of the candle festival.  It ended yesterday.

The view from the front door of the Abeno Elder's apartment.

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