Monday, November 21, 2016

Okayama Nishi Part 3

 Transfer week transfer week transfer week! I'm so glad that it is
over! And I'm glad that... Deschamps choro and I are staying here for
another transfer!! Woohoo! It's been fun to work with him, and I'm
grateful that we get one more together! Inaba choro took off to
Matsuyama to be a zone leader, which was really sad. But I'm excited
him for him and his next part of his mission, and I'm grateful for the
6 months that I had to work with him and learn so much from him!!

    This week we were literally all over the place helping with
different things. It was a blast. We also saw a couple miracles in the
little bit of time that we had to work in our area. We were able to
meet with a lady again who we found a little bit back and she accepted
to take the lessons, and she gave us all of her information. It was
cool to have someone to be so willing to meet with us. On Sunday
night, we were walking down the street and a guy named taguchi that we
had contacted and gave a Book of Mormon to 2 months ago passed by us.
2 months ago, When we first contacted him, we weren't able to get his
information so we never were able to follow up with him. This time as
he passed by,  I failed to stop him, and I was way mad at myself for
letting him pass without saying anything. Deschamps choro and I looked
at each other and said "let's repent and never let anything like that
happen again."

    Well, about a half and hour or so later, as we were walking by
the train station to meet up with a less active member, I was on the
phone with one of our friends, when out of no where, taguchi walked
by. I literally grabbed Deschamps choro and threw him at taguchi so we
wouldn't miss a SECOND CHANCE to talk to him. (Smooth elder Evans)-
Deschamps choro, being the stud that he is, picked him self back up,
and started up a conversation with taguchi and we were able to follow
up with him, and get his information...

    There were 2 things I learned from this. 1... there are better
methods to handle situations like these, rather than panicking and
throwing your companion at someone. And 2. The lord gives us second
chances. No matter what happens in our lives, if we are prepare, and
ready, and commit to the lord, he will show us miracles and give us
another chance. When that chance comes, we better take it, because
that's when true miracles happen.

    I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve here in Japan. I'm
grateful for all the learning experiences that I've had. -Both the
good ones and the bad ones.- I'm grateful for the priesthood and for
the power it has. As we were called on to give priesthood blessings
this week, I've thought a lot about how important it is to ALWAYS be a
ready and worthy priesthood holder. I'm grateful for the Japanese
people, and for my family, and for my friends. I'm grateful for
everyone's love and support. And most importantly, I'm grateful for
the savior, who i feel out here helping us with the work everyday. I
love this gospel and I love the happiness it brings. I hope you all
have a wonderful week, full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and all of
that good stuff. I'll stick to my sushi over here in Okayama japan.

I hope you all have a good week! Love you all so much!!

Ebanzu choro

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