Sunday, December 4, 2016



    I don't know if my life has been really boring the past couple
weeks, or if I have just gotten really lazy at writing emails, but we
will see what I can ramble on about today from this past week. I'll
talk about everyday last week so it gives me something to talk about.

Monday- Had a zone p day in our area. We went to the park and played
soccer and basketball and it ended up being a good time. Afterwards,
we were able to all work in our area and do splits with each other
because we had zone conference the next day. I was able to work with
elder Wheeler and we had a great time. He is full of energy and loves
to talk to people. It was fun to work with him and learn from him for
a night.

Tuesday- we had zone conference in Okayama and it was great. We
focused on faith and repentance and we are starting a new Book of
Mormon challenge on faith and repentance that I'm really excited for.
It was a fun day to learn how I can better myself as a missionary.

Wednesday- we did weekly planning and had English class. Nothing special.

Thursday- we did some service for the light the world activity that
the church is doing for the month of December. Then we went to a
member's house for dinner and had a great talk with him about how we
can help the Okayama nishi Ward and how we can all work together as
members and missionaries.

Friday- we did a bunch of finding and met with a couple less actives.
We were all over the place but it was a good day. Sadly, we weren't
able to find any new people to teach.

Saturday- we met up with Jay. He is doing good. But since his dad has
told him he can't be baptized, he isn't really progressing anymore.
Hopefully we can get him coming back to church and moving a little
bit. He is a great guy and I've loved getting to know him.

Sunday- it rained all day but the spirit was so strong at church.
Hiroyuki has his baptismal interview next week and he is so excited.
He is still doing well, and he is going to be baptized in January. I
can't wait!

Other than that, I learned a lot this week. I've really enjoyed the
learning opportunities that the mission has brought. I love being a
missionary. This is a great adventure. Sorry I suck at writing emails
so much. But i love you all!

Ebanzu chorrrrro

Last week's note:
Well, nothing much happened in the area this week. We moved
apartments, and learned a lot about finding. There really isn't much
to talk about, and I don't really even have pictures! But I'll send
the ones I have of today at zone sports day. I'm sorry this weeks
email is so bad. I'll make up for it next week! Love you all!!

Evans choro

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