Monday, December 19, 2016

Transfer 10 Week 5

For the last month, writing emails has been super hard. I felt like
every week was the same. The work was the same, the people were the
same, I was the same, and nothing was happening. I had hit a brick
wall in my work. Something was not working, and we didn't know why.
Well, this week, it all made sense as to why past weeks have been so
hard. Actually, to be honest, this week was INSANE. We have been so
busy and so stressed, and it's be a blast. Heavenly Father had been
saving up for this last week. Let me tell you about it-

Last Sunday Hiroyuki had his baptismal interview and was set for his
baptismal date on January 22. That night after his interview, as I was
talking to my companion, we were both getting the same impression that
Hiroyuki was ready. There was nothing to wait for. After some earnest
prayers, some phone calls, some meetings, and a great talk with
Jessica and Hiroyuki, Hiro was baptized on Saturday night, and
confirmed Sunday morning in sacrament meeting. I love that little
family so much, and have been so blessed to be able to get to know
them and learn so much from them. Hiro was a trooper, and bore one
heck of a testimony afterwards. Jessica and Hiroyuki have been such a
boost to this Ward, and a boost to my personal testimony.

We were also able to get out and do some finding this week. The weird
thing is, not too much came from our personal finding efforts. We were
able to find a good 3 or 4 new people that would like to learn more,
but people just kept popping out of no where from past transfers. Like
one stud of a kid named Tomo. We met Tomo about 3 months ago at the
train station, and it went well. But then his friend came up, and we
were unable to get another appointment or any contact information.
Well, on Wednesday he called us, and came to the church for English
class and then we were able to talk to him about the gospel after
English class and he accepted to take the lessons! MIRACLE! Another
new investigator is a boy named Shouta. Shouta lives with a member
family who runs a foster care. He has been coming to church for a
while now, but because he is only 14, he can't legally get baptized
until he is of age. But he has really been feeling lately that he
wants to be baptized. So his dad called us and asked us if we could do
lessons with him, and get him moving so he can be baptized as soon as
the government will let him. We are all praying together everyday that
he will be able to get baptized this coming year. Please keep him in
your prayers!! - But this week, there were 7 more people added to our
teaching pool, and we are excited to work with them all.

We also got a bit of a surprise on Wednesday night when we found out
that we were becoming a  tripanionship until the end of the transfer.
Because a bunch of the missionaries that went home last week before
Christmas, Elder Lazenby has joined the Okayama nishi crew. He is a
1st transfer (came to Japan 4 weeks ago) from Boston! He has lots of
energy and is working harder than anyone I have ever seen at learning
the language. He was asked 3 minutes before the meeting if he could do
a 10 minute self intro/testimony and without any preparation, he spoke
for 11 minutes, and wow'd everyone in the house. I couldn't believe
it. Stud. He has definitely brought some energy into the area, and the
members already love him. It's been fun to work in a tripanionship,
and I definitely have learned a lot. I have the best companions.

This week I have really learned that trials are here for a reason. I
didn't know it at the time, but these past couple hard weeks of work
have lead to a great learning opportunity and a week of miracles. I
have definitely learned that my mind does not work the same way as
Heavenly Fathers mind does. His ways are a lot higher than mine. It's
been humbling to know how much god knows us, and has a plan for each
of us. Man, do I love being a missionary.

There is so much more I want to talk about from this week, but
instead of telling it all, I just want all of you to know how much I
love being a missionary in Japan. I still get moments when I knock on
a door, and a Japanese person opens up and starts taking to me in some
funny language they call Japanese and I realize that I'm on the other
side of the world, talking to people about Jesus Christ. How lucky is
that? - I know that Christ is what I want for my life, and I know that
that is how I have found the most happiness. I can't wait to continue
sharing this happiness with everyone else.

Have a Merry Christmas! I love you all!

Much love,
Ebanzu choro

Shouta - after our lesson on the plan of salvation

Lunch with our ward mission leader and his wife
Down in the bottom city in our area.

Hiroyuki's baptism

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