Thursday, February 23, 2017


Well, today's story starts back on last p day when we got lost in
kyoto. (You always meet the best people when you get lost.) We didn't
know which train station we needed to go to to get where we wanted, so
we asked the girl that was sitting next to us. She helped us out and
then we gave her an English class flyer. That Wednesday she called me
(because our phone number is on the flyer) and asked about the class,
and then came. Her name is yuna. It was pretty cool.

On Saturday, I went through the phone and texted a kid named Yuya
kun(one of our investigators) and invited him to church. He was way
nice and said that he would be there. We were so excited to have him
come, so on Sunday we waited at the door of the church for him to get
there. While we were waiting for him, Yuna (the girl that came to
English class) walked into the church. We were all really surprised
that she came because none of us had invited her to church. It was a
cool miracle.

Soon after she got there, sacrament meeting started so we went in. But
yuya kun had yet to show up. We were a bit disappointed. The other
elders had a lesson with Yuna after sacrament meeting and they asked
her why she came. She said "well you guys texted me and invited me so
I decided, why not!" The other elders were really confused because
they hadn't texted her, and they didn't even have her number. After
further investigation we found out that when I texted who I thought
was YUYA, it was actually YUNA! When Yuna called about English class
last week, I saved her number in my phone, but I spelled it Yuya.
Whoops! But Yuna absolutely loved church and wants to come every week.
It's funny how miracles work sometimes.

Other than that, this week was good! We had zone conference in
Shimogamo, and interviews right after. We were able to find more
investigators this week, and we are excited to get working with them.
Otsu is great! I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Evans

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