Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Return of Elder Vui!

Ohashi family dinner

Its been 6 months since I have worked with Elder Vui, and it was just
TOO long so we transferred to the same zone and now are working
together again. This past week we were able to work in his area called
Shimogamo, and man... it was a great time. We reminisced on the good
old days back in Matsue and Nara, caught up, and saw more miracles. It
amazed me on how far both of us have come since we worked together,
but again on how we are still the same people. I'm grateful for
friends like him.

I was on splits with Elder Octaviano this past week and we stopped
some guy walking down the street and started to talk to him. In the
end, we asked if we could meet with him again and he told us that he
was really busy and wouldn't be able to, but if we have a book about
Christ, kind of like a bible, he would absolutely want one. We
literally laughed and he ended up walking away with a Book of Mormon
in his hands. -Right before that, a guy stopped US while we were
riding our bikes down the street, and asked if we could come up to his
room and share a message with him. Man I love being a missionary.

We have an investigator named Akari who is an absolute beast. She is
20 years old and has been coming to church since November and was
planning on getting baptized, but her parents said she can't and they
made her stop coming to church for a while. Over a couple week period,
she passed notes back and forth with her dad to get permission to come
back to church. They have agreed to let her come until April when
school starts back up. -Yesterday in Sunday school, we were talking
about things that are the most important to us. One by one we went
through the class and shared ours. There were some good ones like
family, pictures, basketball (smart person), work, their kids... and
then it came to akari and her answer stuck hard. She said "this time
that I have to come to church." I'm grateful for people like akari and
their example and faith.

In other news, in last weeks email I talked about a girl named Yuna
and how she came to church. Well, she came back to church this week,
and the other elders had a lesson with her. She has accepted to be
baptized when she comes home from her trip next month. It's pretty
funny how miracles work. I'm excited for what's to come here in Otsu.

I love you all more than Soares Choro loves anime! ✨(That's a lot, trust me)

Elder Evans

Back working with Vui Choro in Shimogamo

The Guy on the street that asked for the book about Christ

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