Monday, April 10, 2017

Sakura, Sakura, Sakura

This week was great! I only crashed my bike once, and spilled boiling
hot curry on me once! Life couldn't be better!

The Sakura are blooming here in Kyoto, and holy crap it is pretty.
It's definitely a blessing to be serving the Lord here at this time.
This past week I was able to do splits with two elders, both of whom I
worked with in my last district in Otsu. The first one was with one of
the craziest, funniest Brazilian boys on the planet, Elder Luciano. It
was so fun to work with him again, and have so much fun with him. We
met with a kid for the second time that Elder Molina and I met the
week before named Nakatani. We were able to have a great meeting with
him and hopefully he gets progressing from here. Elder Luciano is such
a ball of fire. He doesn't speak too much English, but he is sure
getting better everyday. I sure love that kid. The second person that
I was able to do splits with was Elder Bodily, who I lived with in
Otsu. It was good to work with both of them, and get to learn with and
from them. Working with all sorts of different missionaries is my

Yesterday and the day before, we were able to watch general
conference! It was so good! I really liked President Monsons talk. It
was short, but he talked about some really important principles of he
gospel. He didn't have lots of time to speak, but he talked about the
Book of Mormon. I thought his words were powerful, and I have set a
goal to read the Book of Mormon daily as he has asked. I know that the
Book of Mormon is the word of god. It is the center of the church.
It's holding it all together. And I have come to know that it is true
since coming on my mission.

Life is great. I'm happy. I'm healthy. And I'm loving being a
missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ in Japan. Life
couldn't be any better.

I lubu you all more than Welch kaicho loves Sakura.

Elder Evans

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