Sunday, April 2, 2017

I'm freaking tired mate!

Splits with Elder Yardley

As Vui choro would say... "I'm freaking tired mate". This profound
statement about sums up my week. I'm freaking tired mates! But I
couldn't be any happier. Life being a missionary in Japan is TOO good.
Especially in the city of Kyoto.

This past week I was able to work with a couple different
missionaries, which is always my favorite. I worked with Elder Molina,
who is from Bolivia and is a really good teacher, and I also worked
with Elder Yardley, who I lived with for a couple months in Okayama.
It was great to work with these two this week and learn from them.

With yardley choro, we went to a beautiful river that cuts right down
the middle of Kyoto, and tried to meet some new people over there. We
talked to so many different people, and had an absolute blast. But for
some reason, we weren't able to retain any of them. Some of them were
the most interest people, but they didn't have time to meet, or had
different things going that made it so we couldn't meet again. It was
frusterating knowing that we were doing our best but nothing was
coming. This really helped me to know that I am on the lords timing
and not mine. I learned how I need to better follow the lord will
rather than forcing mine upon him. I love being the lords servant and
having opportunities to learn both in the good times and the bad.
Japan is the best, and I'm happy with where I am at.

Today we are on our way to a leadership council in Kobe, but we are
taking the long way and playing some soccer in Nara for p day. It's
fun to be back in Nara with Vui choro.

I love you all more than inaba choro loves cologne✨

Evans choro

Morning run with the Katsura Elders

District Meeting

splits with Molina Choro

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