Monday, July 17, 2017

One Month To go

He didn't send an email again this week for the blog, but I attached the letter he sent me, slightly edited, with a few pictures.

        The Family that we are teaching

Thank you so much for the email letting me know about Breena's mission call! I had no idea she had submitted her papers! They have her leaving so flipping fast too! I bet that was a surprise. It's a bit weird thinking that she got her call and leaving August 23rd is fast... that means I come home fast! Scary! It will be very interesting how the homecoming and the farewell will all go! Let me know what is going to happen :) that will be a busy day for the family haha. Of course it happened that way. Crazy though, because if I wasn't coming home 2 weeks early, I would have barely missed her! I'm excited for her to go on her mission though.  

Today we are in Osaka.... yet again. Haha. We have a zone p day here playing sports and having a picnic at the park. So sadly, I won't be here to email too much today. 

This past week was really good though. We had a companionship exchange with some elders, and then also interviews for the first time with our new mission president and it was way different!! But this mission president is such a kind, genuine guy. I really like him. The mission is in very good hands with him and his wife. I definitely feel like Welch kaicho was a lot stricter. But that's okay! I'm excited to see what changes happen with Elder smoot... even though I won't be here to see most of them. 

Last night we had a lesson with our investigator family and it was awesome! We committed them to pray about if they want to get baptized or not. I'm super excited to see what happens. If this whole family gets baptized, it would make my life. I would be so happy. They are some of the nicest people I have met and they just take the gospel in. One of my goals on my mission was to baptize a family, and though, I don't think I'll be here when they actually get baptized, I would love to see it happen, even from America. 

Anywho, nothing much else to talk about other than its butt hot out here. And it rains everyday because it's rainy season. It's so fun haha. Vui choro will be coming home this coming week and heading to Nebraska for school, and Olsen choro will be home next week! Be sure to go to Elder Olsens homecoming and say hi to him for me! I'll see him next week right before he goes home at a returning home missionary dinner at our mission president's home, so I'm excited for that. I can't believe it's coming so fast! But keep your eye out for those two!!

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