Tuesday, July 4, 2017

President Smoot

We Love You! President and Sister Welch!!


We are currently on our way to Kobe because we have a leadership
meeting with the new mission president, so I don't have too much time
to email today! But this past week has been great! First off, my
mission president and his wife headed home, and the new mission
president and his wife are now here! It was really hard to say goodbye
to president and sister Welch, they have had such an impact on my life
and I love them to death. I am also excited to work with president and
sister smoot for my last transfer of my mission.

This week we were kind of all over the place again. We had a
companionship exchange with the abeno elders in abeno and it went
great. I went with Elder Jensen and we tried to work around the
college. Within our first 20 minutes at the college, we were able to
find 2 solid new investigators, one of who is going to come to church
next week and bring a couple of his friends. Working with Elder Jensen
was way fun. He is so positive and loves being a missionary. The next
day we had the bye bye conference for president and sister Welch.
President and sister Welch said everything that I need to hear, and
the conference was a great Time.

As soon as we got back to the apartment on Friday, we had another
companionship exchange with the Nabari Elders and that went well also.
I got to work with Elder philburn and we had a great time. On
Saturday, Elder Samuela and I spent the day in a different city in our
area called kashihara city. We had a couple appointments and taught an
English class down there, and then had a sports night that not very
many people showed up to. So Samuela choro and I challenged the 12
college students next to us to a game, and it was an absolute blast.
Hopefully some of them will be coming to church this next week.

Life has been great. It's hot and humid, but we are working through
it. I love the Yamatokoriyama Ward, and I love being a missionary. I'm
gearing up and pushing hard to give it all I have until the end.

I love you all! Emails and pictures are always welcome :)

Elder Evans

The Farewell conference with President and Sister Welch

In Osaka with Elder Yardley

In Osaka

Splits with Elder Jensen in Abeno

Saying Good-bye to President Welch.
"I love this guy, I was so blessed to work with him"

On a Ferris wheel in Osaka

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