Monday, July 24, 2017


I sincerely apologize of my lack of writing letters lately. I don't
know why it has been so hard lately!

This past week was super busy with 3 companionship exchanges. I was
able to work with Elder La Fontaine, Elder Jensen, and my MTC
companion Elder Anthony.
Elder Antony has been one of the biggest examples for my throughout
the course of my mission. It was so fun to work with him for a day and
to talk about all we have learned and experienced on our missions.
Elder Anthony is one of the most obedient, most dedicated missionaries
I have ever met, and I could feel his love for the gospel and for the
lord throughout the whole day. He is someone who is so close to the
spirit, and it was great to work with him and learn from him
throughout the day. I'm so grateful for all the lifelong friends I have
made on my mission. As Elder Anthony and I talked, we realized how
different we are. We would have never chose to be each other's
companions. But the cool thing is that we are best friends now. The
mission has blessed me to be able to meet and love people I would have
never tried to before.

In other news, Sister Inoue, the older lady that we were teaching in
Shimogamo got baptized yesterday. She quit coffee cold turkey before
she had even been taught the word of wisdom because she felt like she
needed to rely more on God and not her coffee. WOW!

Other than that, nothing Else is new. Congratulations to Breena,
Chase, Connor, Eric, and Jordan on your mission calls. You guys are
going to kill it. I'm too excited for all of you!!

It's time to finish out these last couple weeks strong. I love you all
and am grateful for all that you do for me.

Until next week! (Maybe.... if I actually write an email)

Elder Evans

A photo of Sister Inoue with Elder Wheeler and Elder Collett

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