Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 3

Konnichiwa Minasan!

 This week my companion and I had a really good experience with the gift of tongues! We noticed last week that we had gotten lazy in our personal, companionship and language studies. A few days later we had a lesson  by our Sensei, about how the gift of tongues is a two way thing. We have to do our part before heavenly father will bless us with it. So we decided Monday that we were going to use up all of our time planning and learning and translating for our 30 min lesson that we were supposed to teach that night. We spent the whole 3 hours learning and preparing our lesson with not a minute wasted. We had THE PERFECT lesson planned out and translated and ready to go. Later we found out that we wouldn't be teaching that lesson anymore and instead we would be teaching a different investigator a totally different lesson for only 10 minutes. We were so frustrated because of all the work we did for absolutely nothing. We taught the 10 minute lesson but it didn't go that well because we didn't have time to plan a good lesson. Later that day we had class for 3 hours. When we were walking back to the residents I was amazed at how much I understood today. That I knew exactly what was being taught. My companion agreed and said that he understood everything that was being said as well. We didn't think about how we did our part that day on the lesson that we weren't able to teach. About an hour after talking about how much we understood that day, my companion said "I think that we knew what was being said today because of all the hard work we put into that lesson. We were blessed with the gift of tongues for doing our part.
I hope that all made sense! But it was a really good experience for us and it really strengthened my testimony in the gift of tongues as well!
This week was not much different than last! I have learned a lot about the gospel and really have grown closer to my father in heaven! I am so, unbelievably excited to get to Japan! Our Dai Senpai (older group) left this week to Japan and our Zone got a lot smaller. But watching all of those guys, who I have grown very close to, leave to Japan to serve full time has made me even more excited! I am focusing on using all of my time here to learn all I can to be able to serve in Japan the best that I can.
There wasn't much to talk about this week but if anyone has any questions let me know!:) 
Elder Alex Evans

The pictures below are all of the ones that he sent this week.  Most of the missionaries pictured with him all left the MTC on Monday morning for Japan.   It has gotten him VERY excited to actually be in Japan.   He is almost half way through his stay in the MTC.  He has been very homesick while he has been there, but this week he was made a district leader, which is good because it keeps him a little bit busier so that he doesn't think about home so much.  
He didn't include a picture of the party he had when Grandma sent chocolate covered strawberries.  Evidently that was a hit as great as the giant brownie.   Thanks Mom and Angie for sending him yummy treats and taking care of my kiddo.      

                                                               Elder Wood

                       His Zone Leaders who just left for Japan Elder Travis and Elder Means

                    Elder Olsen, who Alex has played basketball with since elementary school.
                         They are both going to Kobe, But Tanner left the MTC on Monday.

                                 The GIANT brownie that Aunt Angie sent to him.  YUM!

                               His whole district enjoying the GIANT BROWNIE YUM!!!

                          All of the Elders from his Zone who just left for Japan on Monday                                      
Elder Murdock on his left, and Elder Jensen on his right.

                                                                      Elder Vui

                                   Sister Nelson on his right (who he went to high school with)
                                 and Elder Ence on his left, who has become his best friend there.

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