Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week Two

I am finally adjusting to the Missionary Life in the MTC. I now know how to bear my testimony in Japanese and Pray in Japanese. The gift of tounges is real. We have already seen that in our two short weeks here. Everyone has been asking what we do day to day here in the MTC so I'll share a bit of my everyday schedule.
We wake up every morning at 6:20 am and go to the gym. You can either go lift weights and workout, you can go to the basketball courts and play basketball or four square or volleyball, or you can go up to the field and play soccer, sand volleyball, spikeball, and kickball. We have gym time until 7:30am. At 7:30 it is a mad dash to get in the shower before a line forms, where, in the shower you can be soothed by a choir of Elders singing hymns at the top of their lungs. Sometimes the hymns they sing are beautiful, sometimes it sounds like fingers on a chalk board. After we shower we go to breakfast and immediately after breakfast we go to our class room. In the classroom we have companionship study for 30 minutes, personal study for an hour, companionship for an hour, and language study for an hour. After that we go to lunch and then check the mail. After lunch, we go back to the classroom and are taught by one of our 2 teachers until dinner time. After dinner, we either go teach 2 or 3 lessons, or are back in the classroom with our other teacher just depending on the day. We are there until 9:30pm. At 9:30pm we head back to the residence and get ready for bed. At 10pm we have zone prayer and a spiritual thought. 10:15 is quiet time (which normally isn't quiet anyways) and 10:30 is lights out. It is always a full day and you fall asleep as soon as the lights are out.
On Sundays and Tuesdays we have huge MTC devotionals where someone comes and talks to us. This week we were able to hear from The General Primary President and the President over Administrative Services for the MTC. We always get the best messages from these speakers. I guess the Tuesday before I came in, (September 1st) President Oaks was the speaker. So we are always so lucky to hear from these speakers. 
Not much else has happened this week! Im sure thats how it'll be in the MTC ;) I am definitely adjusting to missionary life. We were talking and decided that if we had to come home already, we would be awkard missionaries. Thats usual right? ;)
If you want any other questions answered that I forgot to put in this, dear elder me and I will answer them next week!
Thank you for all of your love and support!

Elder Alex Evans

                                               Sweater Day
              This picture is for Alex's little cousin, who sent that button with Alex, so that 
                                                 he would remember him. 

                 And, this picture is for Garrett D.   That's a leaf from 
               the sacred grove that Garrett gave to Alex before he left.

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