Sunday, March 6, 2016

The End of the Transfer

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a good week! This week was full
of a lot of up and downs! To start the week, I was having some really
bad neck problems, to the point of not even being able to do
missionary work. We decided to go to one of our ward members who is a
physical therapist to see if he could help me out. When we went to his
work, he was training two people. So he had one of them give me a
massage, and the other one, give my companion a massage. While they
were doing that, our ward member started telling the trainees about
why we, as missionaries, are here and what we do. We were able to
teach the two trainees about Heavenly Father and about Jesus Christ.
They thought it was absolutely amazing that we would come to Japan, as
volunteers to teach people about the church for two years of our life.
They could tell that the church is really special. I loved every
second of teaching those two amazing people, because they had really
good potential, and I was getting a massage while I was teaching. What
is better than that!?
  On Friday, we had zone training meeting where we were able to see
everyone in our zone and receive instruction from our zone leaders,
Johnson Choro and Miller Choro. It was a great time, and I learned a
lot of ways to better myself as a missionary. After zone training
meeting, we had a zone blitz in the Senri area. A blitz is where the
whole zone gets together, and goes and works for a day in one area in
the zone. We all change companions and go out and teach and try to
strengthen the area. My companion for the day was Elder Barney. He
went to corner canyon high school, is 6'7 feet tall, is an 8th
transfer, and when I first got to the mission, I thought he was going
to be my trainer and he thought he was going to train me haha! It was
good to finally be able to work with him. Because we are so tall, we
had people stopping US trying to talk to us. It was a nice little
twist for the day. Instead of us, trying to stop people to talk to
them, people were trying to talk to us. That gave us a couple laughs.
Together we were able to teach a bunch of people, find some new
investigators, and try some new ways to do missionary work.
  Yesterday and Saturday, Hashimoto Choro, Miller Choro, and I all
got sick. So our companions have split off, and we have sat at home.
It hasn't been very fun at all, but luckily we are all starting to
feel better. - No worries Momma!
  Lastly, it is Eric and Josh's 17th birthday today! If someone could
please give those punks their 17, well deserved, birthday punches for
me, I would be forever in your debt. And while you're at it, you can
wish them a happy birthday as well!
  I'm very grateful to have been able to grow up as the oldest of 5
boys. I'm so grateful for my brothers and for my family. In PMG it
says "Because families are ordained of God, they are the most
important social unit in time and in eternity. God has established
families to bring happiness to His children, allow them to learn
correct principles in a loving atmosphere, and prepare them for
eternal life. The home is the best place to teach, learn, and apply
principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A home established on gospel
principles will be a place of refuge and safety. It will be a place
where the Spirit of the Lord can abide, blessing family members with
peace, joy, and happiness." My favorite thing this paragraph says is
that "families are the most important social until in time and
eternity." I am so grateful for my amazing family, and for parents who
raised us in the gospel, and for my parents, who established a home on
gospel principles. Always remember how important families are. I'm
grateful for my brothers, who are my best friends. (Who better be
staying out of trouble at home) Lastly, I am grateful for this
opportunity to leave my family for only 2 short years, to be able to
help the people of Japan, live with their families forever like I can!
  I am grateful for all of you, and for all of your love and support!
I hope you all have a safe and fun week!  This week is transfers, so
In the next couple days, we will be getting phone calls letting us
know what is going to happen. I'll let you all know next week what
changes have happened, and where I am at! I am really hoping that I am
able to stay in Okamachi for a little longer. But I'll do whatever the
lord asks of me!Thank you for reading! Until next week!

Evans Choro

Osaka North Zone, after training meeting.
With Elder Barney on the Blitz.

 On the Blitz

Dinner at Kono Shimai's house.

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