Monday, March 27, 2017

Shimogamo Part 1

              On a morning run!


At church yesterday we had 24 visitors of whom 95% of them were from
America. It's a different atmosphere here in Kyoto but I love it. Lots
of culture, lots of foreigners, and lots of fun. The transfer last
week was by far the easiest transfer that I have done on my mission.
Usually when I transfer, I head to the other side of the mission. This
time it was a 2 dollar, 15 minute train ride. Pretty easy.

We met with a friend for the first time this week named Ota. He is
about 60 years old and is stuck at a fork in the road with what he
wants to do with his life. He stopped some of the missionaries in our
zone when they were on their way to our area and told them that he
wanted to meet with missionaries. We had a great meeting for the first
time with him on Saturday, and he then came to church on Sunday. The
Americans that came to church came to say hi to him after sacrament
meeting. They couldn't communicate with him, but he could feel their
love. They gave him an English version of the Book of Mormon and he
was so happy. It was cool to see fellowshipping on action.

One of the first nights here in Shimogamo we met with a member family
because their 7 year old boy is preparing to be baptized soon. That
family had some of the cutest kids I've ever met. The 7 year old boy
said something that I thought was awesome when one of the sister
missionaries asked him if he believes that god is there. He said:
"When I was little, I didn't believe God exists, but now that I have
learned about him, I believe that he is there." He taught me a lesson
on faith during that meeting, and I am really grateful for that. The
kids in Shimogamo are my favorite.

Well we are going to eat some good food. Have a good week!

Much love from Kyoto,
Elder Evans

6am run every day

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