Monday, March 13, 2017

Biwako ichi

Today we woke up super early and decided to take on the challenge of
riding 200 kilometers around Lake Biwa, which happens to be the
biggest lake in Japan. I wasn't planning on sending an email today
because we expected to be biking all day. When we got out just over
half way (about 120 kilometers), one of the elders knees wasn't
feeling to well, so we decided to play it safe and take a 15 dollar
train ride home... 2 of us went back, and the other two are still out
there going strong.

This week I would like to ask for some special prayers for one of our
20 year old investigators named Akari. This is the last week that she
will be able to meet with us and come to church because starting next
week, her parents are not letting her come to church. Please pray for
her to see a miracle at the end of this week when she bears her
testimony to her parents!

Other than that, nothing else is too new here in otsu! Still
practicing my Portuguese, and loving every minute of being a
missionary. There is no other place I would rather be. Japan is the

Also a quick congrats to Andrew on his wedding this past week, and
also Dakota on hers!

Love you all more than the amount of money that soares choro spends
every week buying chips.

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