Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 13, 2017

Splits with Elder Nohagi

Do you remember that lake that
we have in my area? Well, me, the other elder in my apartment, and 2
of the elders in the area next to us have decided to bike all the way
around it. That translates to about 200 kilometers. Pretty dang far!
It's going to take us all day, so I don't think I will be able to
write my weekly email or any other emails today. So I'm writing this
for you guys to know that I am still alive and doing well.
This week was pretty good. Not too many highlights though. I'm trying
to even think of anything to tell you haha. Ohhh yeah I went on splits
with elder nohagi in Shimogamo. It was an absolute blast. He is one of
the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met. He is from Japan but
he lived in Utah for a year and studied a lot of English so he is
pretty much fluent. It's fun to learn Japanese from him, and it was
good to work with him for a day. I also went on splits with an elder
in my district and we talked to about 20 people about church and then
also passed out 1,500 flyers and 6 Book of Mormons is one day. It was
a good day and we worked really hard. This is the last week of the
transfer so next week will be transfers calls. I'm pretty sure that my
companion and I will stay so that I can finish up his training. He is
doing well. He is a great kid and it's fun to work with him. His
birthday is next Tuesday, and he will be 20.

Oh this week we also had zone training meeting in Kyoto. I did the
translation from English to Japanese and holy cow my head hurt so bad
after. I didn't know that 2-3 hours of translating would be so tiring.
Translating From English to Japanese was definitely a challenge. But
it helped me to know what parts of my Japanese I can improve and it
also helped me to know that I have learned a little bit of Japanese.
There were definitely some parts that I struggled through, but for the
most part it went good. I hope those poor Japanese people understood

Oh and last p day I went back to Nara. It was way fun to see some of
the people I worked with while I was there. And also to go be a
tourist through the history for a day. It was so fun and super weird
to be back in an area with so many memories.

Other than that, tell Andrew and Sam congrats on the wedding. It looked like a
great time. Thank you for sending all the pictures as well. It was fun
to see everyone again! And it was fun to see the boys all dressed up
with him. Also tell Dakota and her husband congrats on
the wedding as well! They look really happy and it seems like it was a
good time. Pretty exciting!

Anyways, I think that's all I have to talk about this week. I tried to
attach a bunch of pictures down at the bottom for you to see.
Hopefully there will be more from the bike ride today as well. 
Have a great week, and tell the boys that I love them
all. As well as tell Eric and josh happy birthday for me again. It
looked like you guys had a great day!!

Elder Evans

Zone Training meeting - Kyoto Zone

A random Famous river in the middle of the city of Kyoto

On splits with Elder Bodily

Gave a kid a book of mormon

Last p-day when we went back to Nara.
It was so fun going back to one of my last areas.

Last p-day in Nara

The Next pictures are from the bike ride that he is on now.

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