Sunday, March 5, 2017

I'm in Brazil!

Props to my companion who was called as a "Portuguese speaking
missionary", who is in Japan, who has an American companion. The dude
has 3 languages that he is switching back and forth in.  He is such a

I contacted my first Brazilian this week in Portuguese and boy was I
scared to death. I've been practicing my Portuguese with the two
Brazilians in the apartment and the chance came to use it when a
Brazilian lady got on the train with us. The two elders told me to go
talk to her, so I walked up to her, scared out of my mind. the contact
went something like this:
Me: Hello! How are you?
Her: (very confused) I'm fine?
Me: I don't speak Portuguese, but my friend does!
That's when I realized that she actually spoke Portuguese and I
couldn't understand a word she just had said to me, I panicked and
looked at the other elders and said "HELP ME!" And then I just stood
behind them and smiled while they talked to her. It was quite the
accomplishment. I'm grateful for octaviano choro and Soares choro who
push me to do scary things. We have another appointment next week with
her and her husband! Woohoo! Go Brazilians!!

We also ate pig ears, feet, and other body parts while visiting a
Brazilian less active family this week. I wasn't too big of a fan of
the feet, but the ears were good!

This week was good! I had the time of my life teaching people about
Jesus and working with members. Lots of fun memories and lots of good
things to come here in otsu.

By the way, happy birthday to Eric and Josh! 18 years old now which
means 18 birthday punches. (If someone could do those for me, I would
greatly appreciate it) Stay out of trouble punks!!

I love you all and hope you have a good week this week.

Elder Evans

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